How Muscle Memory Helps People Learn to Play Music

muscle memory music

Have you ever wondered why some people are so good at playing music?

When someone is learning to play music, there is a lot that happens in their body. Muscle memory helps you to remember what to do at all times. The more you practice, the better the memory kept will be. A singer can get the vocals better with time and a guitarist as well.

Muscle memory, just for your understanding, is the ability for the body to remember something that you have done repetitively. This memory is not kept in the muscles, but in the nerves that are attached to that muscle. Every time you want to play music, whether to sing, dance, or play an instrument, the nerves will instruct the muscles on what to do.

Muscle Memory and Music

Once you have mastered the art of playing music, then that is it. Even after a long time, all you may need is a little practice and your muscle memory is back. According to reports that have been published by various research institutions, muscles that have been exercised well take you less time when learning how to play music. People who use fitness gear from are, in fact, better with muscle memory because they engage more in fitness activities.

As you practice playing music, the motor system, which entails specific muscles and their connecting nerves, grasp the art and keep it. That is why skilled guitarists and musicians can play without thinking. Someone who has been in the music industry for a long time does not need a lot of effort to play an instrument on a song they have never heard. Their muscle memory has stored the basic information already.

Learning and Practicing

Muscle memory, in relation to learning how to play music, starts with a learning phase. Biology experts agree that muscle memory starts at this point and then gradually enters into the practicing phase. This starts to get easier and the muscle memory will keep overriding the previous sessions. In other words, it will always keep the best and most perfect part of your practice. That is why people keep getting better at playing music. If you start playing again after a long break, you may have to practice again as the memory starts to fade with time. However, you will rarely get back to the learning phase unless you have fallen ill and your health has been affected.

Giving Your Muscle Memory the Best

Protecting your body from illnesses helps you to perfect playing music much faster. It is, thus, good to seek medical help if you are ill. People with chronic illnesses that take a toll on their nervous system should first work on managing it.

If your health is good, make sure that you are practicing more often to improve muscle memory. As much as two times a day might be needed for those who are seriously looking forward to learning the art of playing music.

Lastly is the diet. Eating food that is supportive of the muscles and nervous system will keep them at the optimum of learning how to play music with ease. If you are not sure of what to eat, seek the help of a nutritionist.

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