How Music Affects The Process Of Writing

music and writing

Perhaps, everyone has felt the power of music at least once in a life. Did you dance because the rhythm stole your heart? Did you cry when the lyrics were so close to your soul? Did you sing along when the song was too good?

If you don’t, you just didn’t find the right music, keep searching! But here are the facts – armies were going into the fight following the rhythm and the death of a musician was as harmful as losing the flag.

Today, there are a lot of music types you can listen to create a mood. A lot of people claim they have different melodies for work and for rest. Let’s talk about how music affecting the writing process according to authors from MyCustomEssay. Below are described effects and advice for starting writers.

1) Music helps with inspiration

Who knows, if J. R. R. Tolkien lived today, maybe he would be inspired by folk groups? The fact is – the right music can help with creating the right mood for your story. As filmmakers add to their creations music, the music can affect the whole mood. Try to listen to power metal when you are writing about medieval fights, rap for tough city life. Just remember what kind of music you usually hear in the movies and try the right type for your novel.

2) Music can define a mood

Did you know music in shopping malls is created to change our perception of time and to affect our shopping pace? This powerful creation of composers can affect almost everyone!

Imagine you need a special mood for writing a scene. Angry, passionate, desperate. But at the moment you are in such a good mood and nothing bothers you? Try to dive into thematic songs with your imagination.

3) Music enhances focus

A lot of studies say that people can concentrate better when they hear some music instead of silence. Of course, the studies were provided majorly on ambience music. It helps to cover your usual noises (from cars outside, some neighbour sounds, etc) with something calmer and work-related. A lot of people listen to special “music for work/for study” and think it’s a good choice. You can try it or your favourite compositions to leave only you and your story in the whole world.

Hope these reasons are convincing enough and you will try to set your mood and create while writing!

P.S. Protip: it works not only for writers!


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