How Music Helps Students Explore Culture and Identity

music and culture

Remember that song you learned growing up to help you memorize a concept?

Yes, music is more than a medium for relaxing and entertainment. It’s also an effective learning tool for young people, helping to improve cognitive skills, attention span, resilience, and emotional stability.

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Studies have proved that music helps students while writing a case study or other academic assignments. Listening to favourite songs is a great way to maintain a good focus. Students of all levels can take advantage of this learning strategy to make the most of their study sessions.

Many tutors often use music in teaching simple or complex concepts in subjects such as Mathematics, English, and Science. Away from the academic, this medium also helps students explore their culture and identity, bringing individuals together than any other art medium. It’s influential in shaping a child’s lifestyle and beliefs, connecting people, and more. So, it’s of little wonder why both secondary and tertiary institutions feature music education programs in their curriculum.

In the early parts of 2020, the Coronavirus ran rampant across major cities, resulting in many governments issuing lockdowns. This situation meant schools had to shut down operations with the educational system changing to facilitate more remote learning. Colleges had to find creative methods to minimize the disruptive impact of the pandemic on music education programs by providing lessons via online platforms.

What is Cultural Identity

What is cultural identity? This term describes the feeling of belonging to a group of people due to shared qualities and interests. Many free essay samples on Gradesfixer can help you understand the elements that contribute to an individual’s identity. Their assistance also extends to enlightening scholars on every area of this subject. These essays can provide a student writing a paper on culture and identity with ideas for their topics and titles, along with examples.

An individual’s heritage stems from numerous elements, with their environment playing a critical role in the process. Here are some of the primary qualities that shape cultural identity.

● Traditions;
● Practices;
● Birthplace;
● Art;
● Food, and
● Music

5 Ways Music is Intrinsically Linked to our Cultural Identity

Music holds a significant influence in our lives and intricately links with our cultural identity, and here’s how.

Influences Fashion

One of the prominent characteristics of cultural identity is fashion, and young people often draw inspiration for the current trends from music. They look to Hip-hop and Pop Stars to get ideas for the trending outfits and look. For example, many female students started making their hair into ponytails as this is the signature look of Pop artist Arianna Grande.

When you think of Rock music, a leather black jacket and jeans come to mind. In the ’90s, hammer pants were the rave courtesy of Mc hammer. The iconic Cowboy look resonates with Country music lovers, and the Spice Girls outfits also influencing teens’ styles during its time. Naturally, you build your identity based on people you idolize. Many brands take advantage of this situation to improve their product placement and predict shopping trends.

Helps in Learning Languages

One of the characteristics of culture is language, and music plays a crucial role in learning it. Some of the first words people learn as toddlers often stem from their parents or guardian singing to them. Remember the ABC song that helped you master the alphabet before you began writing essay papers?

It’s easier to learn a language using music as opposed to memorizing them without it. There are many examples of this scenario happening in your everyday life. You can easily recall the lyrics to Madonna’s or Shakira’s native songs despite not knowing what they mean.

Connecting People

Music connects people, even individuals from different countries. You can see global fans of famous musicians form online groups called Stans, and interact with themselves daily. They band together and achieve their goals thanks to the power of free social media platforms. Often, these individuals influence political and social decisions.

A Time Capsule

Artists often base their songs on the cultural influences or societal issues at the time. Their songs remain after they are gone, holding information of the past for the next generation. You know suede shoes were once a rave thanks to Elvis songs. Students can pick up on the cultural stance of decades ago from listening to the references in an artist’s lyrics.

Finding Your Identity

When an Ed Sheeran classic comes up, you find yourself humming to the lyrics. You can do this way into your 50s with your kids wondering why you’d love such a song. Sounds familiar? Yes, you had this same impression when your parents listened to their classics.

There’s that inevitable point when you begin to form your cultural identity, away from that of your parents. It often starts with a difference in music tastes, and we gradually begin to identify things we like and dislike.

Final Thoughts

What makes up cultural identity? Elements such as fashion, beliefs, practices, traditions, music, and more make up this concept. Music significantly influences the characteristics of cultural identity. It plays a role in shaping an individual, influencing their beliefs, practices, and more.


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