Going Digital In 2022 – How To Stay Safe From Phishing Attacks

how to stay safe from phishing attacks

We all live in the technologically advanced world of online streaming, gadgets, gaming, and other task completion online.

This digitalization comes as no surprise, as technology offers numerous conveniences for all members of our generation greatly shaped how we perform our daily tasks.

In line with this, more people are getting involved in streaming music online instead of purchasing old-fashioned cassettes, CDs, and vinyl records (though vinyl record collection is still a popular hobby). Also, more and more people are trying out online gaming platforms, and online casino games like Pay N Play instead of going to land-based casinos. They also stream a specific type of casino music while playing their favorite casino games, which is yet another digitalization in the process.

Since we are now almost entirely digital, it’s crucial to try and stay safe online when visiting any online platform in every sphere. For example, when creating an online bank account where we add highly sensitive financial information, gambling online, streaming music, or indulging in any online activity.

Three easily-implementable online protection boosts for enhanced internet security

Here’s our list of the top three online layers of protection that will keep you safe from phishing attacks. These protective layers will ensure online safety when you’re performing any task online, be it streaming music, playing online casino games, or creating an account for online shopping:

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network, or in short, a VPN, is an online service that can help you stay completely free from phishing attacks when streaming music online (or visiting any other online platform, for that matter).

Namely, this balloon of protection will guard all your info by acting as an intermediary between the music-streaming platform’s server and the server of your device. It’s costly, but it’s worth it, and you’ll forever stay free from phishing attacks, data breaches, and information/data abuse.

Phishing attacks prevention

To avoid witnessing a phishing attack, you should always do regular check-ups for potential data breaches. It’s the data break, i.e., a data leak, that results in a phishing attack and someone stealing/abusing your information. When streaming music at any platform, you’ll enter your name, email, address, bank account info, etc., so it’s best to keep this info safe.

E-wallets for all payments in the music streaming world

Platforms for music streaming like Spotify, Deezer, or YouTube Premium require monthly/yearly payments. Indeed, these platforms can’t be free, as the music industry stays alive that way.

So, yes, you will make your payment at the platform you choose for streaming music, but you have to pay attention to payment methods. Namely, make sure you create an e-wallet like PayPal, Skrill, etc., to connect your bank account with them and make your payment safely, without getting exposed to phishing attacks.


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