How to upload your music on iTunes?

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There was a time when every musician wanted their tracks on a CD to sell them at the local stores. If you have been a part of the era, you will definitely know what it was like. The entire focus has now shifted online and it has become way more convenient. You simply need to publish your tracks on iTunes and allow the entire world to avail it.

iTunes is the best paid digital market for music and outpaces all the competitors. Check out how you can upload your music on iTunes:

  1. Upload directly

Check out the application of iTunes and see if you can work with them directly. It is easy if you are already popular, but tough for unknown or an unsigned indie musician. See the requirement to have your music on iTunes:

  • At least 20 albums in the catalog
  • You need to have UPCs/JANs/EANs for every track/product you want to distribute
  • You need to have ISRCs for every track you want to distribute.
  1. Going through an aggregator

You can click here to get music on iTunes by the best aggregator. It will help you learn more about how you don’t need to deal with Apple directly. The aggregator is the mediator between you and iTunes. They collaborate with you to put your music on iTunes. Most aggregators work with more than one platform, so iTunes is just one of them. You can find your music online within a day and reach out to people all across the world.

Reasons you use an aggregator for iTunes

The following reasons will justify why you should use an aggregator for music:

  1. Convenient

If you don’t live up to all the standards that iTunes need you to have, an aggregator makes it easy for you. Everyone cannot have 20 albums in a catalog, so do they make more music and live up to that mark? No! You can simply get in touch with an aggregator who can post your very first music album on iTunes. Their approvals are not tough to get through to.

  1. Cheap

You might think that putting your music through an aggregator will be expensive, but that’s not how it is. It. They can charge you a nominal amount for one year or cut a certain percentage from the earnings you have on the platform.

  1. Reliable

You can depend on a reliable company and share your music with them. You might want to go through a detailed research to find out if the company is worth it or not. However, when you have the best option at hand, you know you can rely on them.

  1. Quick

When you want you to put your music on iTunes directly, it can take much more time. There are many approvals and steps you need to follow. When you collaborate with an aggregator, they will get your music live within 24 hours of approval. This is quick and way more convenient. The approval time is also much less for them.

  1. Simple

You don’t need to do anything about putting your music online. You just need to get in touch with an aggregator and tell them what you do. Share all the details of your tracks along with the files. They take the entire process forward in exchange of a nominal fee. You don’t need to get into the technicalities of getting your song posted on iTunes. You can spend more time creating another track rather than getting into these aspects.

  1. More platforms

Platforms like Google Play, Apple Music, Tidal, Napster, and Spotify are some more platforms that aggregators work with. If your aggregator can help you put your music on iTunes, chances are that he can also help you get your music on these platforms. Ask them if they have more options and how much they will charge. It makes you reach out to a wider audience and get more acceptances.

Don’t waste any more time and think for more possibilities to put your song online. Simply choose a company that is tied up with the big brands and have your music onboard. This option is way easier to deal with and is also cheap. Some of these companies are flexible with payments and charge you a small amount in exchange for giving you a wide coverage.

itunes music upload

itunes music upload

Posting your music on iTunes is one of the best boosts that you can give your album. When more and more people know that your music is on this platform, they will be keener to hear you out! It is time you make your way into Apple’s music library and share your talent with the world. Collaborate with the best aggregator and find your music on iTunes within a day!

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