Best 5 Jobs To Work Without Experience

jobs to work without experience

Big cities and metropolises mean more opportunities for learning and growth.

Chicago is one of the most influential cities in the world, in terms of corporate and financial activities. It has offices, hotels, and other business entities, allowing job-seeking people to try for the high-paying position.

When professionals have some experience to show, it becomes easier for them to pass through the doors. However, things are different when they do not have them.

Still, there are opportunities that fresh graduates can explore and get entry into the market. To do that, they need a reliable best resume services in Chicago. TrustAnalytica has created a list of the best resume services in the city.

How We Rank The Best Resume Services In Chicago

The editorial team at TrustAnalytica has spent hours researching and vetting resume services in Chicago to shortlist the best of the lot. This way, you will not have to start from scratch but have to decide from a handful of options. The criteria for adding the companies to the list were based on these factors:

● Pricing for resume writing and optimization
● Deals and discounts for new customers
● Site access and usability
● Adherence to deadline promises
● Customer reviews
● Different products and services
● Multiple delivery channels and options

Top 5 Jobs With No Experience In Chicago

In this section, we will take a look at some of the opportunities in Chicago that aspirants can avail with no prior experience at all. To avail of these, they need to have some qualifications or skills at least, and a resume to highlight them before a recruiter.


Chicago is a city of cafes and bars. People line up in coffee shops in the morning to fix their caffeine dose. If you are willing to serve people and forge lasting customer relations, a barista job is a good idea.

Advertisement Apprentice

Since business is the part and parcel of the city’s life, advertisement and innovation in the field come hand in hand. There are top advertisement agencies that are on the lookout for fresh talent.

Cab Driver

In terms of population, Chicago is among the densest cities in the country. Due to this, cab drivers can make a good payday by working only a couple of hours in the evening. Multiple companies need qualified drivers.


The food industry is the most receptive one toward job-seekers with no experience. There are multiple options to choose from, you can be a kitchen help backstage, or you can serve the patrons at their tables.


Cleaning is another work that does not take much experience. Both affluent houses and corporate offices need dedicated and reliable cleaning staff to do the cleaning for them. The pay is often determined as per diem, but it makes up for the hard work.

Finding a job without experience can be exhausting. Above all, you need a resume service in Chicago that can showcase your skills, qualifications, and other desirable traits to potential employers. We have added the top resume services in our list!


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