How To Choose A Laptop For Music Production

laptop for music production

Most music production, whether on an amateur level or in a professional recording studio, is done on computers.

If you want to start giving your music a professional quality sound, or you are planning on producing music for other artists, you are going to need a capable laptop.

Buying a laptop can be a confusing experience when you want something simple to browse the web, but when you need something that has the power to produce music, it becomes even more difficult. This simple guide to how to choose a music production laptop should help you narrow down your search and pick the right one for you.

It’s All About The RAM

There are many components in a laptop or PC that can influence its performance, but when you are producing music, RAM takes center stage.

Computers function a lot like the human brain, and Random Access Memory is like the brain’s short-term memory. It makes multitasking possible and holds information that the PC will need to complete the task or tasks it is processing.

When you are producing music, the amount of RAM you have will determine how quickly audio files are processed and effects are applied to tracks. Without enough RAM, the process will be slow and recording sessions and production will take a lot longer.

Processors For Production

The central processing unit of a laptop or PC is important no matter what you are doing with it. All the data that a computer processes go through this component. If you have fast RAM and a powerful graphics card, but a low-grade CPU, the data will ‘bottleneck’ and slow you down while you work.

A high-quality workstation laptop for music production needs a strong CPU to process all the audio data without slowing down the flow of your work. Choosing a central processing unit that has a couple of key features can help you to future-proof your music production rig.

Hyperthreading and overclocking will make your CPU faster and handle big data loads better. CPUs that can be overclocked perform faster, though they do get hotter because of it. Hyperthreading creates dedicated connections between your CPU’s cores that allow it to prioritize important data and get tasks completed quicker. Both of these features will help music producers get more done in less time.

Super-Sized Storage

The hard drive and its performance stats often get overlooked when people are choosing a laptop or PC but for music producers, this is a mistake.

The audio files you are producing, and all the samples you will likely use, will take up a lot of space on a hard drive so you need something big enough to store your data. The speed of your hard drive is also important.

Every file your music production computer accesses will come from your hard drive, and some will be large files. The faster your hard drive can serve these up to your music production programs the faster you will be able to work.

When you are looking for a music production laptop, remember this guide. Laptops are a considerable financial investment; you don’t want to spend your money on the wrong one.


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