5 LGBT Songs To Heat Up Your Heart

lgbt songs

If you’re an LGBTQ single, where do you like to hang out when seeking prospective partners? Perhaps you’ve grown tired of seeing the same old faces in your favorite gay pubs and clubs?

Here’s a hot recommendation for you – go online. Here we’re going to look into why digital dating is becoming an increasingly popular way for gays to find romance.

What’s more, we’ll also highlight the part that music can play in finding your soulmate!

Search for a Compatible Guy

So why is online dating such a worthwhile platform for the LGBTQ community? There are several reasons. First of all, because this method of reaching out to a potential love interest has become so popular, there are many outlets to choose from. You can check out reviews of the best gay hookup sites, then decide which one might offer features and tools, making it easy to track down suitable candidates.

These sites and their app versions rely on algorithms – matchmaking programs that will suggest those other members whose own interests and aspirations are most closely related to yours. This can help to narrow down what can be a considerable pool of talent.

Easy communication

LGBTQ dating services will steer you towards appropriate partners, but they are also vibrant online social hubs. You can pick up all sorts of handy tips about sex and relationships by reading blogs or by dropping into the chat rooms.

Popular topics under discussion in the latter might include gay love songs to fire up your emotions. Let’s dwell on that point. LGBTQ-orientated music, from hip hop to pop, will fill your heart with joy, introducing common ground when you’re getting familiar. Without further ado, we’re going to provide you with five of the best!

Kylie Minogue, All The Lovers

This is a wonderful slice of contemporary disco from the Australian gay icon; this is an excellent choice for your date playlist. She sings the catchy chorus, “All the lovers that have gone before, they don’t compare to you, don’t be frightened, just give me a little bit more,” while the synth soars in the background. When first released, this became an anthem in LGBTQ clubs.

Bronski Beat, Small Town Boy

Sung in an effortless falsetto by Glasgow-born Jimmy Somerville, the poignant aspect of this hit is that his own experiences of prejudice inspired it. He knows he will only find true love by moving to a more accepting community. “And as hard as they would try, they’d hurt to make you cry, but you never cried to them, just to your soul.”

Holly Miranda, All I Want is to Be Your Girl

Self-taught US multi-musician Miranda released this strident celebration of LGBTQ love to universal acclaim. “Well, the Earth’s still spinning, so I’ll write this tune, wherever you’re walking, look up at the moon and know I want to be your girl.”

Erasure, A Little Respect

This synth-pop classic from London duo Andy Bell and Vince Clarke is typical of their successful collaboration: Clarke’s deft keyboard wizardry and vocalist Bell’s overtly gay lyrics.

K D Laing, Constant Craving

This is one of the Canadian folk/pop singer’s most widely-popular hit singles, a slow-burner that builds up to a hook-laden chorus.

As we’ve demonstrated, gay dating sites represent the most convenient way of hooking up with someone compatible. As you are getting familiar with online chats, discussing your musical tastes is always a wonderful icebreaker.

Hopefully, our five suggestions will prompt you to add some of your own! Whether you adore dance music or flamboyant gay anthems, tracks you enjoy can become the fitting backdrop to your gay dates.

Shantanu Gursal


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