Looking Ahead: Why Coronavirus Cancellations Are A Mere Bump In The Road

music festivals cancelled until 2021

The term “business as usual” is now far from reality.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to take its toll, many aspects associated with normal life have been put on hold for an indefinite amount of time. This is even more relevant when speaking of festivals throughout the United Kingdom, as some experts feel that they will not be permitted until 2021. Although there is no doubt that such a proposition is indeed worrisome, this is still no time to abandon all sales and marketing campaigns. On the contrary, organisers are now presented with an excellent opportunity to appreciate any faults within their current strategies and to develop new approaches. In other words, every cloud is associated with a silver lining. How can event organisers leverage the unique opportunities at their disposal?

All About Visuals

Some of the most successful music festivals (such as Glastonbury) are known for their visual advertising campaigns and their unique branding techniques. This is why imagery is so very important. High-quality digital images will immediately attract the attention of readers and encourage them to see what the upcoming festival has to offer. While this is great if you have pictures from past events, what if no such resources exist?

You can just as easily take images related to what you are promoting with your mobile phone. In fact, professional product photography Shopify tips can provide you with a decidedly organic means to connect with a potential audience.

Here are some ideas to keep in mind (although such suggestions will naturally be based around the type of venue in question):

• Images of musical instruments.
• Pictures of the location where the festival will be held.
• Proprietary images of the bands or individuals headlining the event.

The good news is that modern technology and a host of unique smartphone applications will allow you to render high-quality images with little to no prior experience.

A Bit of Research Goes a Long Way

There is no better time than the present to research your target audience. After all, preparing months in advance will provide you with the necessary levels of insight in order to focus your advertising campaign in the right direction. What is the average age group and gender? Where are they located and what are their spending habits? Which social media channels do they use the most?

You can even launch pilot marketing campaigns and present these to a small percentage of your current followers. This is an excellent way to obtain real-time feedback; ideal in order fully appreciate if any changes need to be enacted. Also, let us mention that the majority of online marketing approaches will not require any type of financial investment.

Whether or not it is apparent at the moment, this coronavirus outbreak will pass with time. Those event organisers who are able to capitalise upon the marketing opportunities at the moment are the very same who are likely to enjoy success when life once again begins to return to normal.

We have made a special playlist to help you stay engaged, and stay at home during this lockdown, you can stream it here.


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