Is Using Loops In Music Production Cheating?

loops in music production

Using loops is very popular in modern music production. Although the opponents treat it as cheating, you can use many of them without losing your artistic freedom.

What is a loop?

A loop is a small segment of music that can be played repeatedly without the impression of breaking the pattern. It’s just a string of sounds that repeats itself. Using it makes music production much easier and more convenient especially if you have a limited budget. If you plan to produce a lot of music it’s difficult or maybe even impossible to pay professional musicians for recording short audio clips whenever you come up with a new idea. When it comes to loops, you can buy them once and experiment with them to your liking. You can find many of them on the internet. Just visit and browse samples that you think can meet your preferences.

Why using loops is all right

Some people may say that using loops is wrong because a real artist shouldn’t use the work of other artists. Well, there is bad news for them – every artist does it. Even if our work is original and innovative, it’s never really made from scratch. For example, if we paint, we must admit that the ideas of perspective or contrast have already been invented. It goes the same for music. Even musicians who don’t prefer loops, choose elements that’ve already been used thousands of times, such as guitar chords.

You don’t need the whole band

To create a powerful music background you need more than one sound. To achieve a demanded harmony you need to select the right drums, bass and a couple of instruments that complement one another. Even though there are people who play more than a dozen of instruments, you can be a skillful producer without it. Instead of trying to record all of the melodies yourself, you can purchase loops and use them as you wish.

Try out some free samples first

Have you already decided to use loops in your music production but you still can’t decide which of them match your style best? Choose some of our free samples and try them out before you make your purchase.


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