Meet Jay Slay, a melody-driven electronic producer not bound by genre

Jay Slay

Previously known as J-Hamz, this electronic music producer from Edmonton, Canada is a classically trained pianist.

He recently launched his 4th remix competition with Digital Empire Records, this time for his original track “All Night Long” featuring Kelly Alaina, and there’s a music video in the works. 3 of his releases have been Beatport Staff Picks. Another received a nomination for a 2017 Electronic Recording of the Year at the Edmonton Music Awards, along with plays across 110+ college FM radio stations in Canada and the US. He’s even been supported on “Showtek’s Favorites” Spotify playlist.

But who is Jay Slay? We asked!

The artist:

Growing up, Jay loved music, and knew that it was going to be an essential part of his life. He studied piano for 20 years, all the way through to a Bachelor of Music degree and Royal Conservatory diploma in Piano Performance. His interest in producing electronic music began during his medical training, because he could do it on his own schedule, on his own time. (Yes, he is a medical doctor on top of all this.) Creating smooth, continuous mixes led to layering tracks in interesting ways, which led to mashups, then remixes, and ultimately to original releases. He’s had a few DJ gigs, being one of the opening acts for Borgeous in September 2016 and Ephwurd in May 2017.

His stage name:

J-Hamz was a nickname that got attached to a hobby. Jay Slay rhymes, it’s easy to say and spell, and it conveys meaning. “Slaying” or “killing it” in the slang sense…” winning”. When we asked exactly what he meant by that, he said, “I leave that open to interpretation”. Rising above the obstacles that life has thrown at him… succeeding, excelling perhaps? He definitely has us curious, with the recognition his previous releases have received, a killer stage name, and only planning onward with his music.

His sound:

We asked about his sound, and what makes it unique. Jay says his tunes can vary a lot in genre and style. We think it’s his catchy melodies that make him stand out from the pack. There’s often not just one great melody in a song, but layers of melodies. His groovy basslines interlock in rhythm with the melodies, and his extensive knowledge of chords and music theory allow for greater depth and complexity in his chord progressions than most producers can offer.

His future plans:

Future goals include honing his production skills, allowing him to release tracks at a faster pace. He’s been plotting “many things” with fellow FancyFoxx Music DJs/producers Frank Olaya of Monkey Twerk and Thomas Anthony, and has his first music festival DJ performance coming up at the 2nd annual FancyFoxx River Womp music festival this summer just outside of Edmonton.

As for upcoming releases, the “All Night Long” video is going to feature both Kelly Alaina and Michelle Molineux. He has a lighter, house-inspired track in the works with Michelle Molineux, along with some electro house and future house tunes that he’s currently working on lyrics for with The Sissy Fits. These are expected to release in the upcoming years. He also likes creating the hard and bass-heavy tune with a hardstyle dance track on the backburner, and a dark hip-hop track which he is hoping to co-write words for with a local vocalist.

We can’t wait to hear his upcoming tracks.

If you haven’t listened to Jay’s songs yet, check out the links below:

“All Night Long” remix contest details and stems
“All Night Long” original track on all major music services

Connect with all of his previous releases and social media easily at


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