Most Educated DJs Of All Time

most educated djs

Being a Disc Jockey (DJ) is a very interesting job.

You get to make people dance to your tunes, which most people dream of, their entire life. You can control a massive crowd with good music, and DJing is one example. But being a DJ does not only require good taste and understanding of music, DJing is much more than that.

Some quite educated individuals have studied a lot and then become DJs. They achieved a higher degree but made their career in the field that they were passionate about. If you want to follow your dream and make ample time for it during college time, you can trust Thesis Geek with all your writing works.

Let us now take you through the lives of some educated DJs.

#1 Diplo

He is one of the greatest American DJ turned music directors. He also makes it to the list several times as Diplo holds a higher degree in Film Studies from Temple University. He struggled a lot in the initial time, but around 2012, he gained his popularity and became a famous American name.

#2 Henry Fong

Famously known for Electronic Dance Music, Henry Fong has a double major degree in marketing and criminal justice. This learned man is the most famous DJ and has his songs in the playlist of almost all teenagers.

#3 Armin Van Buuren

He is one guy who briefly took a break from his law studies but despite being famous, went back to college and completed his degree. He is a 5-time winner in DJ Mag polls. His music career saw sunrise right from the day he started.

To conclude,

These DJs have proved that no matter what field you get educated in, you can pursue your dreams post completing them. Your education does not necessarily define your passion!

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  1. Cool article about DJs. I didn’t even know you could put together an education compilation like this. You have to be a very brave person to get a good education and then work outside the profession.


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