Music Found At Top Vegas Casinos

top vegas casinos

The atmosphere of a Las Vegas casino is one of the most unique to be found anywhere on earth.

After all, where else does so much excitement, hope and, let’s face it, disappointment, intertwine to such a degree?

One of the ways in which Vegas casinos craft their unique vibe is through the playing of music. Indeed, many of the top Vegas casinos choose music specifically to encourage players to continue to gamble, whilst others simply select something that makes for a pleasant experience all round!

Even online casinos have become adept at including a killer soundtrack these days, with directories such as helping you to locate the very best places to play on the web.

In this article, we will take a look at the music found at top Vegas casinos. From classic piano to jazz to modern tunes, we will trawl through it all to better understand the complex relationship between Las Vegas and music.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the music found at top Vegas casinos.

The Use of Slow Music at Top Vegas Casinos

The playing of slow-tempo music at top Las Vegas casinos sparks connotations of the golden era of Sin City. To the world of the Rat Pack and other crooners, when everybody wore a suit or a ball gown and champagne was sunk by the bottle.

Yet, the use of lounge music in Vegas casinos can be put down to much more than simple nostalgia. This is the casino business after all, and establishments will do everything they can to make more money! The slow, lounge music you will hear at top Vegas casinos is there because it relaxes players and therefore encourages them to concentrate on their gambling, thus spending more!

The Use of Fast Music at Top Vegas Casinos

More common during evening sessions, high-tempo music is used throughout top Vegas casinos to increase excitement in players and hopefully lead to more gambling. Whether through up-tempo jazz or more modern fast music varieties such as house, trance and even rock, Vegas casinos very smartly employ fast music at the perfect time!

The use of fast music at top Vegas casinos creates a party-like ambience that encourages players to spend, spend, spend! Enjoying the present moment, no matter the cost is the kind of attitude that top Vegas casinos hope to imbue with their use of fast music.

The Use of Live Music at Top Vegas Casinos

Another clever way that top Vegas casinos use music is through the presence of a live band or performer. Whether a full orchestra, as some casinos have been known to use, or a soloist playing saxophone, guitar or simply serenading guests with their voice, a live musical act is proven to draw in more punters in the competitive market of Vegas casinos!

Live music has also been shown to increase players’ feelings of grandeur when playing in top Las Vegas casinos. When a band is playing and you’re at the tables enjoying classic casino games in a legendary spot, the fact that is that its almost impossible not to think of your favourite movies such as Ocean’s Eleven, Casino and many, many more!


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