Can Your Taste In Music Help to Find Love?

music helps to find love

There are a lot of things that connect people over a shared interest. Music, movies, TV shows, even favorite recipes, but there’s one that holds a special place in all love seeker’s hearts – music.

It’s easy answering why so. Music is a purely emotional art form speaking directly to the listener’s heart. If two people share the same love, the same emotions for a song, an album, and a performer, the chance is that they’ll connect on an emotional level rises up exponentially.

But is it possible to use the taste in music as a trigger for a relationship, find someone to date, basing your research on bands and singers they listen to? Thanks to the technological advancement of the twenty-first century, it is as easy as pie. Read on to find out how to find a dating partner with the same music taste!

Using Dating Sites for Meeting a Like-Minded Person

Since the dawn of the Internet, people all over the world have got a cheat code for finding partners. What once were ads in papers and classified ads online got into its full form when online dating sites were first introduced. There’s no better way of finding out a potential partner for both a local hookup or a serious relationship, and it’s all got something to do with personal preferences.

See, the profiles on online dating sites have all the information the person thinks their potential partners need to find them. Body proportions and beliefs for some, favorite books and music albums for others. Most members are used to filling out their profiles to an inch, meaning if a new user wants to find partners by a shared music taste, they may click on a tag and get a full list of people in their area listening to Kanye’s Donda or the latest masterpiece by Tool.

Music Connects People All Over the World

Even beyond finding out the person’s music taste instantly and not after a couple of hours’ worth of conversation on the first date, another advantage online dating has over offline meetups is its international nature. There are little-known, obscure bands that got only about 1,000 listeners all over the world, but when their listener meets one another, they both know it’s one of the greatest chances for a relationship they would ever encounter.

This person might live on the other side of the world, but does it even matter when you know you speak the same emotional language and listen to the same bands? Love transcends all borders, and it’s a quality it shares with music – it is a fact well-known to LGBT music lovers and daters finding their partners virtually everywhere.

Tips to Find a Person with the Same Music Taste

We’ve already talked about the importance of profiles, so here are a few practical tips for anyone who wants to find a dating partner favoring the same songs on online dating services:

1 Be as detailed as possible in describing yourself. If you love something, telling everyone encountering your profile the fact that you love it is not enough. To build a connection even before messaging, describe your feelings about your, say, favorite songs in detail.

2 Similar tastes and emotional connectivity are great but looks matter too. Take a few objectively great photos – dress nicely and casually, hire a photographer, or ask your friends with the camera to take a few complimentary shots of you and upload those pictures online to enjoy the influx of message requests from similar-minded people.

3 Don’t be afraid to message first. People might have already been all over your profile but are too shy to send a text – get matters into your own hands. After all, you already have a perfect conversation started – discuss their music taste, and everything will follow suit.


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