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music playlists

In almost every aspect of our lives, music plays an important role. Casinos are no exception. Music has a profound impact on human mood and behaviour, according to research. You may have a question in mind: “What is the psychological reason behind casinos playing music? Do they just play it for entertainment purposes?”.

When it comes to enhancing the gambling behaviour of players which can be done via helpbet or creating a relaxing and cosy environment in the virtual casino, music has a crucial role to play. Background music can enhance the overall casino experience, from creating an amazing ambience to improving gamblers’ moods. Many people now look forward to carrying their portable music devices in the casinos to enhance their gambling experience.

The following are some of the most influential casino songs:

1. The Rolling Stones- Casino Boogie

In MJ’s words, “Don’t blame it on the sunshine, Don’t blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the boogie.” That’s what the track is, totally taking you out of the game and making you feel a little bit swingy.

2. Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation

There’s nothing more controlling than a track from the king of “Rock and Roll”. An excellent example of pace and intensity risers the King makes the right connection. It would also make an excellent opening track for a Vegas movie scene.

3. B.B. King – Gambler’s Blues

The following is a live version of the live show from which you can get an idea of what we’re talking about. The king starts out with a beautiful guitar solo that gets you all pumped up.

4. Billy Joel – Easy Money

With snare rolling and bass kicking, this track not only showcases Billy Joel’s songwriting skills, but also his extraordinary talents as a pianist and singer. We also cannot ignore the “A” game brought by the brass section.

5. Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

Almost like the King made it while playing at the casino, the lyric says: “Of course there are black jack and poker and roulette, fortunes are won and lost every time, but all you need is a strong heart and a nerve of steel.” The track is also popular in film and casinos.

6. Frank Sinatra – Luck Be A Lady

As a regular performer for casinos in Las Vegas, Frank Sinatra was also considered a favourite of the Mafia, which explains his ties to them. The fact remains that anyone who listens to him becomes an instant admirer, no matter who he may be.

7. Bob Dylan – Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts

An intricately evasive story by one of the greatest songwriters of the era focuses on ‘romantic facades’ that conceal criminal motives. What happens when one person’s business incurs recriminations from people he has no idea about. There are so many beautiful aspects to the song that you can actually visualize the situation.

Shantanu Gursal


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