Famous Musicians Who Like Poker

musicians who like poker

According to World Poker Tour data, there are an estimated 100 million poker players worldwide.

This statistic may not account for all poker players, as many will play friendly games with friends who are not included in the report. Poker is a game passed down through centuries and enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Many notable artists are nearly as well-known for their love of poker as they are for their musical abilities.

There is a growing number of top musicians and other celebrities who have made a name for themselves in the game of poker.

Many renowned faces from the music industry have been seen at casinos and who knows? maybe you share a table with them on top gaming platforms like Ignition Bitcoin Poker casino.

Although not every poker-loving musician publicly talks about their passion for the game, here are five well-known card sharks.


Nelly has recently made headlines for his country-inspired album Heartland. This venture, considered a follow-up to his 2000 album Country Grammar, is the rapper’s first musical production in quite some time.

But, in between these and his other projects, Nelly has been keeping himself busy with his businesses, non-profit initiatives, and poker. Nelly, a poker lover with a bankroll of up to $500,000, has even competed in some of the world’s most prestigious poker events. Despite missing out on the final table, his card abilities were good enough to earn him a place in the World Series of Poker and PokerStars Europe.


Jay-Z is a popular rap mogul, owner of the Roc-A- Fella music label, and has produced music for Sony Music Entertainment. Even though he was said to have lost almost $500,000 in an ill-fated poker encounter in the early 2000s, JAY-Z has since improved his poker skills.

He may not have come into the game with natural aptitude, but he has regularly used a top poker tactic many pros employ: networking with other players. Indeed, many experienced poker players agree that, while poker is a single game, connecting with peers may help you enhance your skills. Networking is an essential but underreported poker technique that may lead to invitations to higher tables and strategic recommendations.

And we know that Jay-Z has recently played poker with stars like Alex Rodriguez and Kevin Hart. Both celebrities are accomplished poker players, with the comic winning millions of dollars. We can only assume that some of Jay-Z’s expertise has rubbed off on him since he has now started throwing his own poker charity tournaments.

Justin Vernon

Justin Vernon is best known as the leader of the indie music band Bon Iver. Bon Iver’s debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago, was released in 2007 and has been dubbed a “stripped-down masterpiece” by some due to its use of only guitars, microphones, and a laptop. Justin Vernon had returned to Wisconsin from North Carolina shortly before recording For Emma, following a string of poor luck.

Vernon had broken up with a long-term girlfriend and lost $220 playing online poker in the days preceding his decision to return home. While it may not appear to be a large sum of money, Vernon has indicated that he may have lost more. Vernon has been known to discuss his poker playing on stage, which is alluded to in the album’s closing tune, Re-Stacks.

Josh Homme

Josh Homme is the founder and major composer of the indie-rock band Queens of the Stone Age. Homme has worked with several well-known bands throughout his career, including the Foo Fighters and the Arctic Monkeys.

He is also a renowned philanthropist with the Sweet Stuff Foundation, a co-founder of which he assists musicians and their families suffering from disabilities and diseases. Homme is also known to be an ardent poker player in his leisure time. He may be found at a poker table when he is not performing on stage.

Scott Ian

Scott Ian was among the founding members of the thrash metal musical genre, performing with the band Anthrax and inventing a trademark style of fast-paced guitar-playing that has drawn a massive following.

Ian won a charity poker tournament for the music channel VH-1 in 2006. This influenced him to pursue poker as a more serious interest. He further competed in some of the world’s most famous poker tours and tournaments, such as the World Poker Series championships and the Aruba Poker Classic.

The anonymity offered by crypto poker means that there could be a big number of celebrities pertaking poker and other online casino games. With more crypto platforms like the Ignition Poker casino being set up, and more people appreciating crypto gambling, these numbers are only projected to rise.


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