Musicians Who Were Really Famous For Gambling

famous musicians

Many well-known artists and singers have been known to partake in some kind of gambling.

It is a popular pastime to gamble because it can be both financially rewarding and a lot of fun. Some artists took it a step further and actually became famous for their love and joy for gambling, some examples will be shown below.

Throughout history, the thrill that comes from putting a little money where your mouth is was always a popular kind of entertainment, and it’s an activity that everyone can participate in. Because of the proliferation of online betting companies, people from all around the planet may now partake in a fun pastime whenever it suits them.

Ranging from digital blackjack to roulette to poker, you can now play them all on their laptop or even smartphone at any time through any live casino online. With so many games to choose from, gambling has never been more fun.

Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister

Probably not a surprise to anybody that Motorhead‘s bassist and lead vocalist was a big gambler. When it comes to card games, few hardcore motorhead fans know that Lemmy was equally as into slot machines. It was far more difficult to compose a rock song about playing one-armed bandits than it was to write the group’s best renowned tune, known as Ace of Spades, a great piece of metal work that Lemmy co-wrote.

Gladys Knight

She was the genius behind “Empress of Soul” and “Severn”, which won a Grammy award. The Autobiography of Gladys Knight highlighted her passion for gambling and betting on sports, with Baccarat being her favourite.

A decade later, she said that she had gambled away over forty thousand US dollars in a single night playing a single game, and that she had almost lost everything because of her addiction. However, it’s good to see the multinational star back to her old self, although there might be rumours running around she might still have a knack for gambling.

Frank Sinatra, one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

For decades before the city of sin started to gain the name of a playground for the super-wealthy, a well-known singer was very well known around town and enjoyed playing all the games which are found in casinos today. He had a massive name in pop culture, holding more than 150 million albums & singles sold all across the globe, which gave him a household name in the music industry. Gambling and music have always been linked in Las Vegas, thanks to the likes of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and others.

P Diddy.

Born and raised in New York City, P Diddy isn’t simply recognized for his musical accomplishments and several aliases! He’s also well-known for his love of Blackjack, as well as his flamboyance and prowess at the table.

The Harrah’s Casino in the heart of Atlantic City had just brought in some new, opulent Blackjack tables when he was notably requested to perform the inaugural concert in 2002. In addition to singing, he had the honour of wagering on them before anyone else. Because of his reputation as an expert in the game, numerous casinos have asked him to help them advertise upcoming events and new product releases.

Blackjack tables are often put up backstage during 21’s plays and award-winning concerts so he and his buddies may play a few games before they go onstage, according to reports.


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