New EDM Songs 2023: Unleashing The Mainstage Madness

new edm songs 2023

Welcome to the electrifying world of Mainstage EDM, where pulsating beats and euphoric melodies collide to create an unforgettable experience on the dancefloor.

As we embark on the musical journey of 2023, a wave of new tracks has emerged, revolutionizing the genre and captivating audiences worldwide.

In this article, we present the top 10 must-hear Mainstage EDM songs of 2023, handpicked to ignite your senses and transport you to a realm of pure musical bliss.

“Be the One” – Eli Brown:

Kicking off our list is the infectious groove of “Be the One” by Eli Brown. With its pulsating bassline and mesmerising vocals, this track sets the tone for a night of euphoric dancing and pure energy.

“Acid” – Hardwell & Maddix Ft. Luciana

Hardwell delivers an absolute banger with “Acid.” This high-octane track combines pounding beats, explosive synths, and a relentless energy that will have the crowd jumping from start to finish.

“Baby Don’t Hurt Me” (Hypaton & Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix) – David Guetta ft. Anne-Marie & Coi Leray:

Hypaton & Giuseppe Ottaviani’s remix of “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” takes this David Guetta hit to new heights. With its soaring melodies and driving bass, this remix is guaranteed to create an atmosphere of pure euphoria.

“Traffic” – Bassjackers:

Get ready to be swept away by the energy of “Traffic” by Bassjackers. This track is a powerhouse of adrenaline-pumping beats, infectious hooks, and a drop that will make the crowd go wild.

“Miracle” with Ellie Goulding (Guetta Remix):

David Guetta’s remix of “Miracle” takes this already stunning track to new dimensions. With its uplifting melodies and Guetta’s signature production style, this remix will have you lost in a world of pure musical magic.

“Arpeggio” – Space 92 & HI-LO

Space 92 & HI-LO’s “Arpeggio” takes you on a sonic journey with its pulsating basslines, intricate melodies, and addictive rhythm along with Space 92. This track is a true gem that showcases the artistry of Mainstage EDM.

“Satisfaction” – David Guetta & Benny Benassi:

Benny Benassi’s iconic track “Satisfaction” continues to captivate dancefloors with its infectious energy and catchy hooks in this rework along with David Guetta. Prepare to witness the crowd erupt as this timeless anthem takes over the speakers.

“Silence” – Gabry Ponte ft. Sarah McLachlan:

Gabry Ponte’s “Silence” brings a blend of melodic beauty and high-energy drops. Its infectious rhythm and captivating vocals make it a standout track that will have the crowd singing along.

“Dominate” (VIP) – Space Laces:

Brace yourself for the relentless intensity of “Dominate” (VIP) by Space Laces. With its heavy bass, intricate sound design, and futuristic elements, this track pushes the boundaries of Mainstage EDM.

“Satisfaction” (Hardwell & Maddix Remix):

Hardwell and Maddix join forces to deliver a mind-blowing remix of “Satisfaction.” This reimagined version takes the classic track to new heights with its hard-hitting drops, electrifying build-ups, and an undeniable energy that will leave the crowd craving more.


The New EDM Songs 2023 list is ablaze with the electrifying sounds of these 10 must-hear tracks. From the infectious beats of Eli Brown’s “Be the One” to the powerful remixes by David Guetta, Hardwell, and Giuseppe Ottaviani, each song on this list showcases the diversity and innovation within the genre. Whether you’re a devoted EDM enthusiast or a casual listener, these tracks will transport you to a world of pulsating rhythms, euphoric melodies, and non-stop energy.

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