Nicole Markson: Proving Why She Is CHARTING In The UK

nicole markson elevating love

Lyrically it’s a BANGER and the beat has your body moving so you are in for a good time and that was exactly what Dave Audé wanted you to feel when he created “Elevating Love”.

What you don’t know is that Nicole Markson is a Billboard Charting Artist who has been around for over a decade; singing, performing, and writing music that empowers, inspires, and makes you want to feel good about yourself.

Nicole’s story of beating the odds and overcoming breast cancer is what made her follow her passion of becoming a recording artist and inspiring others to live their dream. The message that she shares in her music is that of staying true to yourself, having strength from within, and following your passion.

She’s been featured on podcasts, speaking panels, and interviewed in publications where she shares her motivational story of her battle with breast cancer, the actions she took to overcome her fears, and the goals she made to create the life that she has always wanted.

Nicole wants her listeners to feel empowered to take action towards creating the life they have always dreamed of and not let fear stand in their way.

“Elevating Love” is currently #20 on’s Commercial Club Pop Chart and you can listen to it on Spotify RIGHT NOW!


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