Our Favourite Sets From Day 1 Of Tomorrowland Around The World

tomorrowland around the world live best sets

The traditionally Belgian festival has gone virtual and has started off with a bang.

The island of Papilionem offered 8 stages with a good deal of artists and fun places like the Great Library, the Tomorrowland foundation, Moose Bar and many more.

With a wide array of choices offered, fans have opted for various artists who are performing across various stages. Thankfully, unlike the festival, stages are just a few clicks away and everyone gets the prime viewing point.

Everyone performed their best. However, some stood out and pushed the boundaries of their usual talents. We decided to list a few of the acts that shook the virtual world with their musicality. So here are some of the sets that we loved.

Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz is a name known for huge productions, great music and overall, a great experience. His pre COVID productions like holosphere gained worldwide fame for the same reasons. But this time around, Eric came out with his new concept “Cell”, which might just be a Tomorrowland stream exclusive. With a gazillion different visual elements and banging records, Prydz whipped up a world-class experience for the virtual ravers.

Armin van Buuren

The Dutch legend has been a regular on the Tomorrowland mainstage since its start. Possessing decades of dance knowledge comes with its fair share of advantages. Armin has been one of the few people that never fails to deliver on any given set. Loaded with energy and a couple of pleasant surprises, Armin van Buuren’s performance on the mainstage can put anyone in a State of Trance.


Tiesto’s new melodic house moniker made a debut on the freedom stage and it is everything a hardcore Tiesto fan craves for. Packed with melodic house tunes from his record label and many other major labels, VER:WEST’s hour-long set provides a harmonious journey while satisfying the feet along the way. This has been a highly anticipated set as many wanted to see VER:WEST perform since the release of “5 Seconds Before Sunrise”.

Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte is an absolute beast at what she does, which is making and spinning pounding Techno and Belgian Trance tunes. Her set on the “Core” stage was well complemented by the intricate stage design and visuals. Her set was filled with energetic stabs, acid synths and trance atmosphere. One cannot stop himself from moving his body during this Acid oriented Techno heaven

Ran – D

After years of hard dance excellence, Ran-D is showing no signs of stopping. His set on the “Wall” Stage was a solid reflection of his position in the hard dance community. With mind-numbing basslines and highly enticing melodies, Ran-D’s set seeks to push the crowd to their dancing limit and show them the true face of Hard dance music.

Jack Back
David Guetta’s underground alias “Jack Back” has been running successfully for a while and his first Tomorrowland set as Jack Back was a huge success. With sounds that represent the underground Ibiza, Jack Back produced a massive groove which paired perfectly with the fluid visuals of the Freedom stage. The set features Jack Back regulars alongside records from other notable artists and a heavy Jack Back ID.

Honorary mentions include Jan V and Frank Mellemans for keeping the After-ski party at Moose bar rocking.

This concludes our shortlist of first day favourites. We would love to know your favourites too. Please let us know on our social media and in the comments section.


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