The Top Producers Who Inspire Letsynthesize

producers who inspires letsynthesize

Letsynthesize is a music teaching project from Dan Larsson, which he’s been working on and expanding since he fully immersed himself in the world of electronic music.

Following a range of his own productions under several artist names, he soon became interested in how he’d be able to help like-minded individuals, especially those who wanted to create electronic music themselves. This is how the idea of Letsynthesize came about.

With the combination of great teaching and production skills, Letsynthesize stands out by not focusing on one or the other. Whilst many courses from top players seem attractive, without the teaching abilities to transfer these skills there’s isn’t much to learn.

The opposite is also true – which is why many of the tutorials are based around individual tracks, ones which create the initial pull for each student. Considering how so much of the way we view media today is fast paced, Letsynthesize tries to slow this down. The detail in their videos make them the perfect introduction to music production, as well as to help producers hone their skills. This is why Letsynthesize has garnered so much attention and why it’s continuing to expand.

We caught up with Dan from Letsynthesize who gave us an insight into some of his favourite producers.

Check out his list below, and you can follow the Letsynthesize YouTube channel here.

Skrillex – I think he is the most versatile producer I know. He came from very hard bass music and was not afraid to switch to a totally different style with Bieber and other overground artists – that earned my full respect.

Noisia – Their exceptional sound design and creativity always mesmerised me. Neuro Drum and Bass is the hardest style sound design wise and what these guys have been doing for more than a decade now is unbelievable. They inspired Skrillex to step in his game.

Zomboy – He is a strange one. He came from copying Skrillex in a very weird way. We thought he would never be able to stand on his own feet but after years he found his own sound and I can say that I truly admire him for his crazy clean mixdowns and cinematic musical parts.

JoyRyde – House music has always been very close to my heart. This was the first EDM style I listened to as a teenager (we didn’t call it EDM back then but techno) and what JoyRyde did to it really stunned me. All those tiny details behind his cool basses, and his talent to innovatively fuse between genres is still something I wish I had.

Plump DJs – Nuskool breakbeat pushed me into the music production game really. I remember when I got their Elastic Breaks mix album that I listened to it a million times. I felt that if I ever made music like this, I can do anything in life. No wonder Nuskool is still one of my favourite genres! So groovy and funky!


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