Our top 5 tracks from REZZ’s brand new album – Certain Kind Of Magic

certain kind of magic

What are you still doing on Earth while Rezz is ready to take you on space tour with her music alone? After the award-winning ‘Mass Manipulation’, she has now shown the best side of her production skills with a brand new album – Certain Kind Of Magic.

The album which features talents like Deathpact, Kotek, 13 and Fytch, the album can be considered futuristic in its music and the vibe it creates. Her unique music has received much acclaim, including being dubbed ‘Billboard Dance Breakout Artist of the Year’, as she moves ahead setting new trends.

Here’s our list of 5 best tracks from the current release, ‘Certain Kind Of Magic’.

Rezz- Witching Hour

A haunting sensation is what one may fell upon hearing this track for the first time. One cannot miss the surprise as it draws the listener into a limbo of its own, not letting you want to stop listening to it. Laced with some raw yet, muffled drum sounds and subtle groove, the track has received much love across the globe.

Rezz – Flying Octopus

The music has a grippy nature to it as it grabs you towards its charm right from the beginning. It’s one track that can definitely be used in a suspense-thriller flick!
The tone is inquisitive and the tempo is pretty groovy. Also laced with a music video, which features an octopus receiving messages from REZZ in a bottle to help him map out a way to fly to her on Neptune.

REZZ X 1788-L – H E X

This dynamic producing is a testament to the incredible abilities of the artists as it doesn’t let the listener settle right from the first second. The build-up is worth it as one encounters the masterfully crafted and highly energetic drop. Showing a variety of elements used, this remains the most listened to track of the album!

REZZ X Kotek – Teleportal

Starting off with a mysterious, yet infective vibe, the track is quite unique from the ones mentioned above. Staying true to the nature of the album, the track holds its own identity as the melodies blend with the raw bass work in an effervescent manner. The latter half of the track is really quirky and fun! One cannot be surprised by the contrast the latter half of the track draws on the former half.

REZZ X Fytch – Toxin

The vocals grab your attention right from the beginning, as it is soothing, airy and rich. It holds a flavor that no other track on this pack has, as the masterful blend of rock-band kind music and spacey music has come out in a way that will blow your mind- really.

What do you think of our picks? Let us know what you think!

Pavan Kumar


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