4 steps to soundtrack your video effectively

soundtrack your video

Nowadays internet streaming is becoming more and more prominent so, video making has become an essential skill for all the people who want to become an online influencer.

A great video cannot live alone without a great soundtrack. Even if you are a professional musician, it is impossible for you to compose music by yourself for every single video you make. You also need tons of music created by other people. In this tutorial, I will introduce four simple ways of how to soundtrack your video effectively. Here are the ideas:

Hire a Freelance Musician

If you know all the musical specifications, you can delegate sound recording and production to another musician. You can hire thousands of musicians on sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, 99designs, and many more. Some musicians quote more; whereas, some would even love to be your ghost producer for as low as $5. However, this approach allows you to find the perfect musician who understands your style and works for your project deadline. However, before signing a musician, surely meet the musician personally.

Re-arrange Existing Sound Samples

You can find millions of music samples and loops from online libraries such as Freesound, Freeplaymusic, and many more. With such huge collections, you would not need to recreate them. However, the hard work is what follows. Still, to complete your piece of music, you will open your digital audio workstation and put everything in the right place to make sure all the elements together make musical sense.

Use Royalty-free Songs

If you are only willing to click on a download button, there are at least 50 prominent stock music libraries out there. Usually, their sync licensing fee relies on the medium that holds the music. For instance, if you want to use the music in a school assignment, then the cost will be much lower than a TV commercial. The only drawback of using stock music is you have no freedom to customise a thoroughly mixed sound file to your taste and need.

Use Synchronised Ingredients

The online services such as Soundation, Looplabs, Soundtrap, and many more provide custom royalty free music free of charge, which is a combo of the three ways mentioned above. To make music, the only thing you need to do is stack music ingredients one by one to the mix as if you are making a sandwich. You have the liberty to decide which vocal, guitar, piano, and beats to use. These online platforms will automatically arrange and mix the music using the chosen ingredients.

soundtrack your video

As you can see, this creative process only takes less than 5 minutes. Also, such platforms offer subscription plans with bundled royalty-free licenses. To learn how you can get your work done with simple drag and drops, watch this video.

To conclude, the deal point for you is to determine how much flexibility you need and how much time you can spend tuning your sound. In today’s fast-paced Internet business world, you must not waste time perfecting every little thing but deliver your music lightning fast to get timely feedback and iterate over again.


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