Find Your Style Of Latin Music With Spotify’s “Find Your Flow”

spotify find your flow

Spotify acknowledged and embraced the staggering growth of Latin music over the years and became popular on Spotify.

To be specific, they noted a 170% increment of Latin music streams on their platform over the past 5 years. With this, they’ve created an innovative and exciting feature called “Find Your Flow” or “Descubre Tu Flow”. This feature provides an interactive experience to their users, allowing them to find exactly what type of genre or style of music that matches their musical preferences within the vast culture of Latin music, be it reggaeton, dance, hip-hop, trap, or others.

Behind The Scenes: How Does Spotify’s “Find Your Flow” Work?

Before even getting to this feature, the app has already analyzed and gained an understanding of their user’s musical preferences and behaviors. With this, it combines new data from their user’s engagement with “Find Your Flow” to assign them into one of eight possible categories of musical personalities in Latin culture. From there, users will be given several playlists to choose from which further calibrates the softwares understanding of their users.

Of course, chances are that a user may not get the most accurate recommendation right off the bat. Among an endless library of Latin music available, the feature filters through a heap of them and over time, provides recommendations to their users that flows best with their users definition of Latin musical taste.

Additionally, Spotify has also allowed their users to show off and share their musical personality results on other online platforms such as social media or messaging apps. Even then, the generated results are displayed in a fun way. With this, more users are intrigued to give it a try, further amplifying the growth of Latin music.

Discover Your Flow: How To Use Spotify’s “Find Your Flow”

After opening up the feature, you will be presented and prompted to answer three fun questions that may seem somewhat unrelated to music. These questions are structured in a way to discover your personality. This would then translate to how you live your life and ultimately, what style of music would flow well with that. With that, you will be assigned to one of eight categories:


Personality: Empowered and ready to dance. A powerful and strong identity that doesn’t just follow a trend, but is a lifestyle.


Personality: Someone who enjoys partying, is adventurous, and embraces a lively and energetic nightlife.


Personality: Has a fondness for the classics, especially within the perreo genre. They like to start with the song “Gasolina” and are always ready to play their favorite anthems and become the life and soul of the party with their vibrant and energetic personality.


Personality: A person that embraces their romantic side and finds beauty and emotional connection through music and its poetic expressions. Every lyric is felt heartfully.


Personality: Someone who is knowledgeable on social media trends and are able to quickly become viral and popular with their content. Always staying on top of what’s cool, they sing with passion and know all the dances, trends, and challenges going around.


Personality: Someone who gained their musical knowledge and taste from their surroundings, particularly in their neighborhoods who showed them the best beats to dance, twerk, and rhyme to.


Personality: Someone who navigates their intricate realms of romance while seeking anthems that beautifully reflect their heartfelt journey. They find solace or resonance in songs that express themes such as jealousy, breakups, and infidelity.


Personality: Your flow isn’t urban, but you can get the party going if you put your heart into it.


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