Spotify Music Promotion: How To Get More Spotify Plays?

spotify music promotion

The music industry is unstoppable. It is growing each day, if not every second. It is where Spotify tops the list by being one of the most popular streaming platforms out there.

With so many users, Spotify offers a real-time opportunity for artists to advance in their music career.

However, just creating music is not all that you have to do. An artist must get enough exposure and Spotify helps you achieve that. You can even Spotify plays, it is just that advanced! Thus, if you are looking to gain Spotify plays, this article is going to lead you there.

Aesthetic Album Covers

Cover Arts or Album Covers are something that primarily draws new users to your music. People who have no idea who you are, people who have never listened to you, all of these people can become your potential subscribers and streamers. All you need is an attractive and aesthetically pleasing album cover. Your album cover is something that is going to make an impression before, you as an artist sway your audience. Thus, it is beneficial to pay attention to creating quality cover art.

Try to keep your album art minimal but mysterious and cool. Do not add too many elements. Brilliant cover art can even make you look like an established artist and lure in more streams for your music.

Create Playlists

People are keener towards listening to a full-fledged playlist rather than switching from one artist profile to another for songs. Playlists play a great role in increasing your music stream. A lot of unique people trip across your content once you get featured on Spotify’s popular playlists. However, it is tough to get yourself featured as the playlists are under big labels or controlled by Spotify’s editorial team.

Thus, the easy solution is the create your personalized playlist! Create a playlist which is a mix of popular artists and feature your music there too. It will make it more user friendly as people are going to notice famous songs. Furthermore, once they start to listen to the playlist, they are soon going to reach your song making it stream more. You can also submit your music to independent playlist curators for a feature. Who knows, it can even become someone’s favourite!


Spotify advertisements are more popular than the music available on the platform. It is ironic but true as most Spotify users run a free account instead of the premium version. It means users are bound to listen to the little advertisements in between songs. As annoying as this feature is, you can make it work in your favour.

These advertisements are managed by Spotify Ad Studio. All you need to do is prepare a script, pick a song, and cover art and submit it to Spotify. Spotify will complete your ad with a voiceover and feature it. It is a very efficient tactic to promote and announce new music albums or tours by an artist. The advertisements are usually 30 seconds or even less but that should be enough to gain some streams for your music.

Connect to Social Media

Social media is one marketing tool that no one should overlook. Even when it comes to music, social media platforms can be a good marketing platform for your music. Spotify is linked to Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Due to this, the share feature on Spotify helps you to directly promote your music on these various platforms.

You can also connect to your fans or core audience on these platforms who already follow you on Spotify. People constantly want to know more about an artist. It helps in building a strong bond with your listens.

Additionally, Facebook and Reddit are places that are filled with music fanatics creating groups and sharing their favourite songs/artists. Join these platforms and actively encourage people to stream your music. In today’s world, having a good social media presence is important to help you grow as a creative. Thus, if your social media reach is stunted, your reach as an uprising Spotify artist is also going to be affected.

Good Content

The last but most important point is creating quality content. Good content always creates a buzz. We know that the market is saturated and recognition is less. However, this should not stop you from making quality content. Try to create music that is trending but doesn’t make it boring.

Genres like Pop and Hip Hop are one of the more sought-after in comparison to folk or country. Therefore, create music that is going to create a buzz and is in fashion. Catchy chorus, good instrumental, average length are all key features that attract the audience.

Spotify can launch your career in the music industry. The platform is even capable of giving you your big break. However, only creating music is not the end of it. One needs to be strategic to get his or her content recognized. Keeping in mind the above few tips is going to make it easier for you to get more streams and recognition on Spotify.


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