Spotify Vs Apple Music – Which Streaming Platform Should You Choose?

spotify vs apple music

There is no denying that streaming has become a crucial part of the modern music experience.

Whether we are relaxing on an evening or blasting some tunes ahead of a big night out, many of us now use services that feature a vast number of tracks and albums.

Every genre under the sun has its place in the streaming world as well, with EDM making a notable splash. For instance, as YourEDM outlined, Avicii’s Wake Me Up passed one billion streams on Spotify in February 2020.

Key Comparisons

But, if you are yet to fully commit to a single streaming platform, you might be wondering which to go for. Well, two of the biggest names in the space are the aforementioned Spotify and Apple Music, and – to make your life easier – we have decided to compare some key elements about the services.

First up, it is worth looking at how the platforms are doing in terms of market share. Back in July, Midia Research published global music subscriber market shares for the first quarter of 2021. The data revealed that Spotify held a 32 percent market share, while the platform also added 27 million subscribers between Q1 2020 and Q1 2021. In contrast, Apple Music’s market share stood at 16 percent.

But, while we are looking at vital statistics, what about the number of songs that each platform offers? The Apple Music site states that it features 90 million songs, as well as around 30,000 playlists. On the other hand, the Spotify site says you can discover more than 70 million tracks.

spotify vs apple music

Introductory Deals

If you are joining a service for the very first time, you will want a good introductory deal. Providers are well aware of this across a vast and varied amount of sectors. Take the entertainment industry for instance. Amazon Prime offers a 30-day free trial, while Buzz Bingo is offering Winter Spinner free bingo bonus and a welcome offer.

In the food industry, Hello Fresh is providing discounts on initial boxes while JustEat and Deliveroo offer discounts and free delivery. Two completely different sectors are doing exactly the same thing.

Streaming services take a similar approach. Apple Music offers three months free, while the Spotify Premium trial covers the same period. Both also have different types of subscriptions to consider, so you may need to do some more comprehensive research before making your choice. For instance, Spotify lists plans including Individual, Duo, and Student. The Apple Music site references similar-sounding packages including Voice, Student, and Individual.

Which is Best?

So, when all of that is considered, which platform comes out on top? Ultimately, the right service will depend on your needs, so it is well worth taking the time to determine which is best for you.

Both have plenty to offer, while you could also broaden your search to other brands too. Music streaming is in rude health, so explore your options before taking the plunge.


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