The 6 Best Instruments to Learn

best instruments to learn

Learning to play a musical instrument is a fantastic opportunity for adults and children alike to increase discipline.

You will also gain useful skills. Being able to read and perform music will serve you well throughout your life.

If you’ve never picked up an instrument before, then here are the 5 best options for you to try that are perfect for beginners.

1. Piano/Keyboard

Learning the piano is an excellent way to introduce yourself to music and set yourself up for success if you eventually want to learn other instruments as well. The piano is one of the most straightforward instruments to understand, yet one of the hardest to master. However, if you keep at it with patience and dedication, you will find yourself creating beautiful melodies for the rest of your life.

If you don’t have the money or space for a traditional piano, then starting out with an electric keyboard is a great option. Keyboards are relatively inexpensive and easy to transport. Many of them also come with headphones that make them perfect for apartment living with roommates or neighbours.

2. Drums

Rhythm is one of the most important aspects of music for any young musician to master. The drums provide an excellent way to learn this skill. There are many different kinds of drums, and online drum shop.

3. Guitar

The guitar is a straightforward and timeless instrument that many musicians use to catapult their careers. If you are interested in singing and songwriting, then the guitar is an awesome choice for you because you can show off your voice and writing skills at the same time.

This instrument sounds great by itself and as part of an ensemble. The guitar is easy to bring anywhere and play with your friends.

4. Violin

The violin is a lovely instrument that serves as the base of almost every classical orchestra in existence today. Some of the world’s most enjoyed music has been written for the violin. The prevalence of violins in classical music means that there is always a high demand for violinists.

If you pick up the violin, you will likely not have much trouble finding a spot in an ensemble. Non-electric versions are more natural for beginners to pick up, but electric options do exist.

5. Flute

While most people generally consider the flute to be a classical instrument, it has found its way into many popular music channels. Today you will often see Lizzo rocking out on her flute on some of music’s biggest stages, proving that the flute is more versatile and accessible than anyone may have thought previously.

The flute is also one of the most lightweight instruments in existence, making it extremely easy to play wherever you go. It is also a popular instrument to play with tons of music written for it.

6. Handpan

Learning to play the handpan is relatively straightforward; there are plenty of resources to help you learn and the skill level to start is simple. Say goodbye to being intimidated and overwhelmed; you can get started right away and in a few hours be playing simple tunes. Plus, it’s soothing and meditative tone makes for a relaxing hobby. Buying a handpan is easy as well as there are many online makers to choose from; just make sure you select one that builds a quality product. You do get what you pay for.

Bottom Line

Music is a language that the whole world understands. You will do yourself a favour if you take the time to understand this universal language better. Learning a musical instrument can open doors for you that you may have never known existed. Even if you don’t become a virtuoso, knowing how to play an instrument (for eg: a drum set) can help you make new friends and increase your income. Studies even show that people who learn music have higher test scores and perform better throughout their careers.

Set yourself up for a fulfilling future by picking up an instrument today.


  1. It’s awesome that you talked about learning to play an instrument and how to get started! Recently, one of my cousins said she wants to play music, but she’s not sure which instrument to try out! I believe my cousin will benefit from reading your instrument guide, so I’ll share it right away! Thanks for the information on musical instruments and their features!


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