The Best Pop Songs Of 2020 By December Rose

best pop songs 2020

December Rose, 19-yr old Montreal artist has brought a unique, and refreshing pop sound to the world of music.

Singer-songwriter-performer, she has a genuine personality that comes through her music. Her soulful voice and heartfelt songs are bound to get you hooked.

To get a glimpse of what she likes to listen, check out her favourite songs of 2020.

1) Heart of Glass – Celine Dion

Sia is one of the co-writers on this song. When I first heard it, I got chills. When I saw that Sia was involved, it all made sense. I don’t think there’s anything she writes that I don’t love.

2) More Hearts Than Mine – Ingrid Andress

Every lyric of this song reminded me that sometimes it’s not the breakup itself that’s so hard, but all the family and friends you make that you also need to leave behind. It made me nostalgic.

3) When We Were Young – December Rose

I have a few favourites that I’ve written myself. This one is one of them. With our social and political climate, this song really gets me to look back on simpler times when we found joy in the smallest things despite what was going on.

4) Diamond Heart – Alan Walker, Sophia Somajo

The lyrics of this song struck me hard. Sometimes we’ve been through so much that we feel broken. It can be difficult to find the good within us, from which we can give to others.

5) Road Trippin’ – Dan + Shay

With Covid restrictions this year, hearing this song got me nostalgic about driving in sunsets with friends and good music and ice cream. Such a ‘feel-good song’!

6) Apple Tree – December Rose (In da Disco Radio Edit)

It doesn’t happen often that I get a remix to one of my songs, and can’t stop smiling. Although the lyrical content is about personal growth in faith, it’s wrapped up in a bubbly package of feel-good vibes to get any morning started.

7) Born Again – Josh Garrels

This song brought me comfort to my journey of faith. It describes much of the conflict and wrestling with the inner thoughts that can discourage us from growth.

8) Keep Me In The Moment – Jeremy Camp

While we’re stressed or anxious, it’s so hard to ‘live in the moment’ when our minds are racing. This song is a reminder that I need to strive to be present.

9) Raise Your Voice – December Rose

Yes, another one of my own! This song is about speaking up and speaking out. Sometimes I need to take my own advice, so I listen to my own song!

10) Forever – Lewis Capaldi

First time I heard this song, my eyes welled up with tears. Every time I hear this song, it helps me cry out whatever sadness I harbour. It was my ‘therapy’ song for the year.


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