The Hidden Secrets Of Casino Background Music

casino background music

For a second, imagine life without music.

Hard. Right? Music has a magical influence on our mood and experience. Different genres of music have different effects on us, from relaxation, inspirational to emotional. Good music suggests, subtly or subconsciously, our actions or reactions. It is not easy to ignore the triumphant musical in a slot machine; losing players in a nearby slot are encouraged to take another spin. Casinos, online or physical, are eager to use legit strategies, sometimes emotional or psychologically, to attract and keep their customers. Their environments are designed to make you lose track of time. Some casinos, including online casinos, take it some steps further, adding sexy attractions to make you stay, play, and pay. Let’s look at how the casino industry applies the magical power of music to a fantastic effect.

Next time you visit a land-based casino, take it all in. Notice the closed windows, no clock, sexy ladies, drinks, jackpot sound, fragrance, every minute detail is paid close attention. They are to draw you in, right from the moment you step in one. It all feels like another world, a relaxing and half-conscious state away from all worries and struggles in the real world. Players subtly recognize many of the casino strategies of triggering emotions. But often have no power over them as they trigger nostalgia feelings and different emotions. At that moment, all that matters is having fun and the thrill of a life-changing win from the next spin or play. A vital component of the pleasurable atmosphere and mood you get visiting a casino is music, the playlists of a casino are not random but strategic and carefully selected.

Listening to the right music relieves stress and other disturbing emotions. Both low or high tempo music has an influence on the players’ gambling behaviors but in different ways. They both encourage the gambler to stay and play for a long time. Various studies have shown that high tempo music amplifies the passion, increases the rate and number of bets. On the other hand, listening to low-tempo music is, of course, relaxing, slowing the game’s frequency. Do not be deceived though; you will likely take your time before placing the bets but increased persistence. In the long run, low tempo music leads to a high number of bets and compulsive gambling. Both types of music are used by casinos to their advantage, depending on the time and other factors.

Influencing the players’ gambling behavior goes beyond the tempo of the music played at casinos. While the types of music suggest a generalized effect on the players, it is not definite. The thrill of the games can get pretty emotional and can get players stressed. Harmonies and melodies play a significant part in making people feel at ease. A calm and assured environment with nerve-calming music can help put them in the right mood and keep them playing. A lot of pre-thinking goes into choosing the best music to maximize its power.

Unlike traditional casinos, the environment is not controllable in online casinos. Improvement in graphics and the emergence of live dealer games have made online casinos more immersive. Still, it is impossible to replicate the same immersive and relaxing atmosphere of a physical casino in an online casino. Though music is used on casino’s sites, how it is applied is different. Playing music for online casino’s visitors will appear obtrusive and distracting. However, game developers are integrating music and other sounds to add to the players’ experiences. While live concerts pay cost a lot, there are a number of free pokies to play based on musical artists and popular songs. Some music-themed free pokies include Jimi Hendrix by NetEnt, Elvis the King Lives slot by Williams Interactive, Dolly Parton by IGT, and more. While playing these slots you can listen to the music in the background, free of charge.

Whether online casino or physical casino, the gambling industry has generally been open to integrating new technologies, social trends, and entertainment to create immersive entertainment and overall pleasant experience for their customers. Music is playing a pivotal role in achieving that and retaining players’ patronage.


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