The Most Popular Genres and Artists To Listen to While Working Out

best workout playlists

Workout playlists are a very personal choice and most times unique, the only common factor is everyone who works out has one.

From pop to EDM and hip-hop to metal, workout playlists feature varied genres and even a multitude of artists among them.

A fitness equipment review site FitRated recently surveyed 1,000 people who’d exercised recently and “asked them about the artists, genres, and factors that helped them find motivation and even crossed that information against their preferred types of workouts.” Explaining the reason and thought process behind the study they said, “We realized that the one tried-and-true method of motivating exercise –music –has yet to be explored sufficiently, particularly from a people-first perspective.”

The in-depth findings of the report were varied. While they found Lady Gaga is the most popular artist people workout to, YouTube is the most popular way to listen to workout music beating streaming services.

When it came to preferred genres to listen to while working out, EDM came in 5th with around 29.2% of the respondents saying it was their preferred genre to listen to while working out. The top two genres were Pop and hip-hop/rap.

As for the most popular EDM artists to workout to, the respondents ranked the top three as,

  • The Chainsmokers
  • Calvin Harris
  • David Guetta

best workout playlists

Breaking down what elements in music got them most pumped, 74% said it was fast-paced beats and a not so close second was motivational lyrics which came in at 40.8%.

The next portion of the study dug deeper into understanding why hip-hop/rap may have correlated with personal records so often: It was the music choice that led to the most intense workouts. Of those who considered their workouts to be intense, very intense, or even extremely intense, hip-hop/rap was their most common choice of music.

best workout songs

In addition to understanding the impact of music on working out they found that over half the respondents, at 64% said that music elevates their mood for a workout. And respondents also said listening to music while working out makes them more likely to work out regularly and feel more motivated.

Check out the results from the detailed study by FitRated here.

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