The Powerful Effect of Music on Academic Writing Performance

effect of music

Music is life. If you think the same, you are one of those people who believe that music influences everything.

This statement also depends on what you think music is. If you think that morning forest sound is music, you are probably an artist. If you can hear music during someone’s snoring, you are precisely an artist! But let’s discuss the classical meaning of music like playing musical instruments and try to find out if it has a powerful effect on academic writing performance.

There is a joke that while listening to your favorite music you may need someone to breathe instead of you, eat instead of you and pay someone to deal with writing papers instead of you. However, it seems to be true because it is so easy to lose track of time. Especially if you have a great sound system that performs all deep sounds.

Let’s find out how music affects academic writing performance, its positive and negative sides.


While deep listening, you can relax and switch off all the world around. It is very good when you have a few tasks to make such breaks between them. On the other hand, if you are a great listener, it might be hard to stop doing it and come back to work. In any case, the effect will be expectable, and it is relaxing. Let’s remember about the golden side to use this effect for good.

Inside feelings

There are a lot of people who can’t work and study without music in the background. This is how they fill the void. Sometimes silence is unbearable so some music can be perfect for working. It was a good side that stimulates the brain and makes a comfortable environment. A bad side is that background music interrupts you, and if you hear the known text you begin to sing and lose your thought. Without concentration, there will be bad scores on academic writing performance.

Losing time

Listening takes time. Some people even have a schedule of listening if it is not just headphones on the way to work or college. If you have a special room designed only for the perfect sound, you need to understand that it is a part of life like a sport that will steel time. If you are ready for this and do it without interrupting your studying, it’s fine, but if you donate the time of writing in favor of music, there might be a problem.


That’s maybe the most pleasant part, including music and writing. As we said above if you are an artist and feel music everywhere, it works like a catalyst for your abilities. If you have no idea what to write about or still don’t have a clear picture of the future essay, there is a chance to fix it thanks to music. Some mathematicians hear numbers in the classical works and claim that it is not music, but just math using instruments. Isn’t it pure inspiration?

We believe that music means a lot for every person and it is impossible to have a full life without it. Humans’ ears can perceive a lot of different sounds that gather to melody and feels different to every person. The best way to compare music and writing is to find your perfect sound for studying and cheer up again and again. Academic writing is a hard job that needs a lot of skill and music surprisingly can improve them.

It is hard to explain using science but simple to feel and use. The word ‘powerful’ is the most suitable in this case. It shows the reality of music in our lives and studies.


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