The Role Music Plays in Creating the Right Atmosphere


Music is one of the top priorities when it comes to planning an event, because it sets the tone of the entire evening.

Different types of venues and events require a specific genre to create the right atmosphere for the people that are present, be it a small, personal celebratory event or a big conference. The type of music selected can make or break an event, so picking the right tunes is essential.

Gaming Events

Music has always been a key element in gaming, whether it’s video games, eSports, or online casino games. Just like in the case of sports events, music is also used to create excitement amongst the fans that attend live eSports events. The industry is growing rapidly and creating a fully entertaining experience is becoming a priority for organisers, so that they can continue audience engagement as they expand. Live music at the start and halfway points of eSports events could be an effective way to do that.

We have seen live music do well in other gaming environments, such as casinos, where legends like Guns n Roses, Hall and Oats, and Britney Spears have played. The success of these live music events in this context has led to online casinos striving to duplicate this heightened gaming experience with an increase in soundtracks to games. Modern platforms, such as Casino Masters, have used live gaming and music in innovative ways to make itself a virtually immersive space for players. With over 100 tables of blackjack, baccarat, and poker, all complete with background music, the impact of music in live entertainment is demonstrated.

Sports Events

The main reason sports events use music is to set the atmosphere for particular moments throughout the game. Entrance music is one of the most recognisable moments and it is used when a player or a team enters the field. For example, some football teams have a signature song that they play at every game to get the crowd excited. ‘You’ll never walk alone’ by Gerry & The Peacemakers is probably the most famous anthem, associated with Liverpool FC.

People attending sports events love the adrenaline and the buzz, so they enjoy being stimulated by music. Even if there is no music, fans usually get up to sing popular chants, especially in stadiums at football or rugby games. They do that as a way to encourage the home team and to express their support and pride for the players.

Corporate Events

Corporate events organisers are quite discerning when it comes to music, as it needs to evoke a serene atmosphere. Something subtle works best, because attendees need to be able to hear each other and not get distracted by the background music. Whether it’s a meeting, a conference, a business dinner, or an awards show, the music needs to reflect the mood of that event.

To add extra flair, instrumental music could also be used, instead of low tempo. This works best during breaks or when people first start gathering together. Besides giving the event an air of sophistication, it can also be a good conversational ice breaker for the attendees.

Although not every event or every venue is welcoming when it comes to music, most of them are. That is because choosing the right tunes and the right tempo can be a difficult task and if done incorrectly, it can dampen the entire event. However, if done properly, it enhances everyone’s experience, since music is a universal language, appreciated by everyone.


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