The Story of Hardwell: 10 Songs That Defined Hardwell’s Astonishing Career

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Dutch Superstar Hardwell and his very own imprint dropped an album filled with many of the DJ’s biggest hits and personal milestones.

After stepping down and hanging up the headphones, Hardwell has been actively posting a series of videos under the same name, discussing his personal achievements, prized Collaborations and hit releases.

Yesterday marked the end of the video series. The last video featured the likes of Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Dannic, Dr. Phunk, KAAZE, etc. who went on to tell about their great memories which they shared with Robbert over the years of touring, collaborating, spinning decks together.

The album consists of 25 tracks, adds up to a duration of about an hour and a half and is filled with the biggest singles from Hardwell’s career.

All the tracks featured in the album are quite nostalgic and very massive ones for any Electronic dance music fan. Here are ten tracks from the album that hit the right spot for us.

Hardwell feat. Jake Reese – Run Wild

This Bigroom/Electro house record made in collaboration with Singer/songwriter Jack Reese is one of the biggest summer tunes back in the golden era of Electronic Dance Music. The music video also features former formula one racer Carmen Jorda.

Hardwell & Wildstylez feat. KiFi – Shine A Light

This floor destroying Hardstyle record was one of the first Hardwell collaborations in the Hard Dance scene. It was one of the handful Hardstyle tunes that Hardwell has ever graced his fans with. With a soothing yet energetic melody and a thumping bassline, the track makes a solid festival banger.

Hardwell & Armin van Buuren – Off The Hook

With two big names coming together, the electronic dance music community witnessed a fusion of two signature sounds. The product was a Trouse track with a unique design that set the tone for producers exploring the newborn Genre.

Hardwell & Dyro feat. Bright Lights – Never Say Goodbye

This massive collaboration between Dyro and Hardwell featuring Bright Lights was first premiered in Ultra Miami by the boss man himself. With powerful drums, inducing melodies and Capturing vocals, the record sends the listener into a soaring, melody-driven flight.

Hardwell feat. Chris Jones – Young Again

Taken from Hardwell’s hit album “United We Are”, “Young Again” is one pulsating track. With Chris Jones handling the vocal duties, the track offers more than just the good old Hardwell vibes.

Hardwell feat. Amba Shepherd – Apollo

With wild melodies running along with the beautiful voice of Amba Shepherd, Apollo became an instant fan favourite. This Hardwell record has also ended up as a frequently used acapella in many of the Hardwell sets to date.

Hardwell & Joey Dale feat. Luciana – Arcadia

Laced with Hardwell’s signature Bigroom sounds and Luciana’s Infectious vocals, Arcadia most certainly became the sound of 2014. The music video features scenes inspired by the famed Mad Hatters Tea Party scene in C.S Lewis classic novel “Alice In Wonderland”.

Hardwell & MAKJ – Countdown

First dropped in Ultra Miami 2013, This iconic Electronic dance music record surely turned many heads. The acapella from this track has been making appearances in various sets to date.

Tiësto & Hardwell – Zero 76

This track is a Big time collaboration between a fairly young Hardwell and his Inspiration Tiesto. This track brings out Best of both worlds, making it a hybrid between Tiesto’s Electro and Hardwell’s Minimal sounds. The track was named after their hometown Breda’s telephone prefix “076”.

Hardwell ft. Mitch Crown – Call Me A Spaceman

If there is one track to describe Hardwell with (or) to introduce Hardwell to a relatively new fan, then it surely is his big hit “Spaceman”. With huge drums Accompanied by an anthem-like melody “Spaceman” will forever remain as a Hardwell classic. There are two versions available to the very same track with one of them being an Instrumental. The other version features vocals from Mitch Crown.

This ends our list of favorites from the album. We are really curious about your tastes too. Let us know which of these tracks sit right with your soul and get you going.

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