The World’s Youngest Female Prime Minister – Jacinda Ardern, Was Once a DJ

jacinda ardern dj

A woman who’s ruling the hearts of not just New Zealanders, but people around the world with her bold political decisions, once led a very different life.

Today, Jacinda Ardern may be known as the youngest female Prime Minister as she took over the reins to lead New Zealand at the age of 37 years. But not too far back in the future, as of just about 5 years ago, she was an avid festival goer and even a DJ herself.

While taking to office as Prime Minister might have brought along some changes there, Ardern attended Laneway Festival 2018 to address the audiences and speak about how she was once playing the very same stage she was today addressing from as the Prime Minister of the country. Having played a 45-minute set at the Auckland Festival in 2014, she looked back at her experience as reported by 1 News Now NZ saying,

“I remember that so well because I have permanent hearing damage through my left ear as a consequence and it was amazing to be a part of a festival that is so intrinsically Auckland, so wonderful. So that’s why it feels like it’s such a pleasure to now come full circle and to be here as the Prime Minister of New Zealand to welcome you to Laneway 2018.”

Jacinda Ardern DJ

She also went on to motivate the audiences to never give up on their dreams and pursue their creative passions and explain how under her leadership the NZ government recognized and supported that as well. Ardern appealed to the festival-goers to “never give up on the importance of supporting creatives and artists live”, saying live performances are “the fuel for the creative machine.” She also said the Government not only supports the arts but sees it “critical to who we are”.

“It is who we are, it shapes who we are,” the Prime Minister said.

As reported by Marie Claire’s digital content editor Isabelle Truman, “For years, Ardern DJed in her spare time (she prefers the term “tune selector” over being called a “real DJ”).

Kicking off her career on a high note, in just her first month as PM, Ardern debuted on Forbes’ list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women at number 38! She has recently been in the news for all the right reasons. As the head of a country mourning a horrific and tragic loss of life through a terrorist attack, she took no time to act and rise to the challenge while standing by her people. The devastating mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch left at least 50 dead, and not only has she openly shown her empathy for her people in this time of grieving but she has taken action. In just six days after the attack, she declared that New Zealand was to make the type of assault rifles used in the attack illegal for private use with immediate effect. A lot of today’s world leaders need to be looking at her to take a chapter or two from her book.

From a DJ to a mother while in office, and a world leader ready to take action, Jacinda Ardern is definitely one of the most aspirational Politicians in the world today!

Here is a Playlist of some the tracks she dropped while on the decks, from Spice Girls to Snoop Dogg and Iggy Pop to The Beatles, here it is compiled by The Spinoff.

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H/T: Daily Mail UK

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