Theatres To Visit In Scandinavia

theatres to visit in scandinavia

Oscar Wilde once stated that the stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts but the return of art to life.

Theaters can amplify your experience during plays, enabling you to appreciate the performances and the settings in which they occur.

Scandinavian theaters incorporate contemporary and vintage architectural details that provide an interesting visual. The quality plays and events held at the venues enhance your experience to ensure you enjoy the architectural and performing arts.

Some popular theaters you can visit around the Nordic region include:


Showweb is a portal leading you to the Chateau Neuf Theater in Oslo. Chateau Neuf is a French name meaning “the new castle” and operated by the Norwegian Student Society. The building’s construction ended in 1970 and was inaugurated after three years. It has a main hall with a 1,005-seating capacity, ideal for TV recordings, stage shows, concerts, and conferences. The hall is the theater’s architectural heart and holds professional and semi-professional performances. You can also find lectures for the University of Oslo at this venue.

Chateau Neuf holds several performances throughout the year with tickets and plays information available via Showweb. You can also find various events and activities daily, since students run the theater. Aside from watching plays, you can enjoy a coffee cup, visit the cinema or have a debate with the members of the Student Society at Chateau Neuf, depending on your interests.

Royal Danish Theater

Another popular theater to visit is the Royal Danish Theater in Copenhagen, Denmark. It offers different performances, including operas, ballets, and orchestras. The venue originally began as a king’s theater with public access, with the ballet school and opera academy opening in 1771 and 1773. King Frederik VI was the monarch most actively involved in managing the theater after his ascension to the throne in 1808.

The Royal Danish Theater’s inspirational history made it an artistic and social focal point for several impressive artists during Denmark’s Golden Age. Additionally, Hans Christian Andersen dedicated his early ambition to the theater as a 14-year-old fairytale storyteller. The theater comprises the Opera House, the Royal Danish Playhouse, and the Old Stage. These three venues only open on days with performances to ensure you enjoy the full Royal Danish Theater experience on a visit. You can find the playhouse across from the Opera House by Nyhavn Canal.

Svenska Teatern

Svenska Teatern is a Finnish national theater in Helsinki that presents performances in Swedish, the country’s second official language. Its name translates to the Swedish Theater, and most plays feature Finnish, Swedish, and occasionally English surtitles. The performances incorporate a wide repertoire of international and domestic plays. This versatility ensures you have something to suit everybody, ranging from children’s plays to musicals and from newly written to classic plays. On average, the theater offers around 8 to 10 productions annually.

The venue has three different stages to suit different tastes. Its main stage has a 620-seat capacity, the AMOS can seat up to 135 people, and the NICKEN with a 70-seat capacity. Svenska Teatern also holds various events such as monthly discussions on Monday evenings, workshops, play introductions, and children’s activities. You can also get guided tours of the theater, with group bookings available for 5 to 25 people.

Gothenburg City Theater

Gothenburg City Theater, also called Goteborgs Stadsteater, is the oldest theater in Sweden, founded in 1918 via a donation from local inhabitants. Its original base was at the Lorensberg Theater before being later inaugurated in 1934 at Gotaplatsen. The building’s design is famous for its outstanding cultural interest, incorporating 1930s architecture in the audience sections. It features two main stages constructed with a blend of contemporary and classic repertoire from Sweden and abroad.

Gothenburg City Theater’s current objective is to generate debate, inspire, and provoke reflection while entertaining you. The Studion venue especially often holds commissioned Swedish plays, debates, lectures, and other performances. You can also get a third venue within the theater called Foajebaren, where you can attend concerts and lunchtime events. The Foyer area has bars that make it a popular site for unwinding with friends, family, or colleagues.

Scandinavia is home to a wide array of theaters to ensure you can find the perfect balance between entertainment and cultural experience. The venues listed here let you learn about some of the most popular venues for performing arts in the Nordic region. Their history also enables you to appreciate performances in a unique blend of classic and contemporary architecture.


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