6 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Wedding Music

things to consider when choosing the wedding music

Numerous studies have shown that music has a beneficial effect on the brain.

When the brain is exposed to music, dopamine and serotonin are released into the body. With this, you and those listening to the music will feel more at ease and content, therefore improving the mood.

Thus, if you want your special day to feel extra special and ensure that your guests are having a wonderful time at the wedding you’ve planned, preparing a list of great music plays will set the tone by making everyone at the venue feel happy and satisfied.

This speaks much about how music plays an integral part of your big day, from the end of the ceremony through your first dance to the final song before you bid your goodbyes to everyone. Hence, in this article, you will be guided by the six things you should consider when choosing the right music for your magical day.

Ceremony Music Basics

Generally, a wedding ceremony music program comprises three main categories of songs:

1. The prelude plays while guests are seated.
2. The processional plays as the family, the bridal party, and the bride walks down the aisle.
3. The recessional plays as the newlywed couple walk back up the aisle.

This article will provide you with information on these three major segments of the wedding ceremony. Still, it will also provide you with additional three points to consider while selecting music for your ceremony. The following are included:

The Prelude

Typically, the intro is the musical selection performed before the ceremony. While your visitors are being seated, this will provide an audio backdrop for them to enjoy. Your ceremony’s mood will be created in part by the music you select for the intro. For instance, if you’re having a traditional wedding at The Vines, swan valley wedding venues, a classical piece would be an excellent choice to complement the place’s ambiance.

If your wedding theme is more cheerful, you may want a more jazzy pick. You have an option. It is only recommended that you match the tone and concept of your wedding and a minimum of 20 minutes for prelude music prior to the ceremony.

Moreover, your wedding ceremony’s mood and tone are determined by your chosen music. It creates a sense of warmth and familiarity, promotes social interaction among your friends and family members, and most especially, conveys the wedding’s solemnity.

The Processional

The ceremony’s processional music will be the song or songs played while essential family members, your bridal party (including your bridesmaids and groomsmen), and the bride walk down the aisle.

While you’re likely to have gentle music being played as guests come, your processional song should be distinct enough from the background playlist to signal that the ceremony will begin.

The Bridal Entrance

In order to distinguish the bride’s arrival and march down the aisle, you should choose a particular and separate processional song. This will serve as an auditory cue for all guests to stand up in preparation for the bride’s entrance.

The Interlude

Certain wedding ceremonies include a brief interlude during which the couple participates in a unification ceremony. Interlude music can be played immediately following the exchange of vows and rings to provide you and your guests with an opportunity to think on the words and even more profoundly grasp the depth of what has been uttered.

The Recessional

After the ceremony concludes, it will be time for you to march down the aisle as a happily married couple. Your recessional music should mirror the euphoric moment preceding your exit from the wedding ceremony.

Regardless of whether you choose a traditional wedding or not, the music you choose for your recessional should be uplifting as the symbol of new life in a union, the love and relationship you will be sharing along the journey.

The Postlude

The postlude will be played or sung while guests are led out of the ceremony location to conclude the wedding service. You should provide a minimum of 20 minutes of music to give your guests enough time to gather their emotions, greet loved ones, and leave the venue. You’ll want to select something upbeat and fun to commemorate the conclusion of your wedding.

Final Thoughts

A sense of atmosphere can be created by music, as it adds tone to the ceremony and creates a memorable experience for you and your esteemed guests. So, it’s crucial to choose the right music that complements the tone and theme of your wedding.

You can also opt to include live music throughout your wedding ceremony. It will enrich the experience by allowing your guests to concentrate on your special occasion’s emotional and spiritual elements and partake in the moments of delight and joy. Thus, if you opt to have a live music performance, book the best musicians for your special day!


  1. Wow, I had no idea that having the right tracks during your big wedding date could help set the mood for you and your attendees! I heard a rumor that my best friend is about to get married this year. I should let him know about country music and how he should consider this as an option by finding a live artist for the event.


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