6 Things To Know Before Seeing Taylor Swift: Eras Tour – London

things to know before seeing taylor swift: eras tour - london

Attending a concert that is as big as Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” can be many things from entertaining, adventurous, and as well as terrible especially if you don’t go prepared.

Over 12 months that Taylor Swift has been on the road entertaining her fans in different concerts, we discovered that there’s a thin red line that once crossed by anyone, can ruin the rest of the evening for that person.

Sadly, a lot of people in the concerts we’ve been to seem to effortlessly cross that line, unknowingly. It’s not capping when they say, “What you don’t know can kill you.” Just that, in this case, it wouldn’t kill you, but your joy in Taylor Swift concerts.

So, to not have your attention divided, and your evening ruined due to poor planning, we decided to put this article out there for certified Swifties who have no complete idea of things to know before attending a Taylor Swift concert.

As you well know, billionaire Taylor Swift has released her long-awaited, “The Tortured Poets Department,” and she is resuming the “Eras Tour” on the 9th of May, with the first concert being in France.

Down the road, Taylor will be in London in June, and if you’d like to attend the concert, best to be prepared before the month gets here. We know that getting tickets to the concert is somewhat hard, but you can get Taylor Swift London tickets through an online ticket marketplace. This is the best option at the moment.

Attend The Concert In Comfy Shoes

You’ll probably want to look sleek and fly at Taylor Swift’s concert. Even though your preparations might be calculative, your desire might lead you to wear super uncomfortable shoes. And from experience, that will be a detrimental mistake because you’ll be standing for long hours, plus other activities you’ll be engaged in while in the concert.

Activities like dancing, jumping, and walking from one point to the other within the concert ground can lead you to exhaustion. This will then be the time you begin to wish you had worn lighter shoes or comfortable ones to state the least.

Luckily, there’s always an alternative option for when you find yourself in such a situation. You can always opt to take off your shoes and walk barefoot. That is if you couldn’t bring along a pair of slippers in your very small bag. But, why go through such stress in the first place, when you can choose to wear comfy shoes from home and enjoy the concert to the fullest?

Besides, there are amazing shoe brands that have somewhere, the right shoe to go with your outfit. A few minutes’ search for the right shoe online can help complete your entertainment at a Taylor Swift concert.

Come Early To Wembley Stadium

One of the hardest things people find difficult to keep to is time. Sometimes, we can’t help arriving late to meetings or gatherings.

However, in the case of Taylor Swift concerts, arriving even before time is the best thing you can do to ensure the rest of your evening goes well.

Take this scenario for instance. When you arrive at the gates of Wembley Stadium, and you meet more than 500 people at each entry point trying to gain access to the stadium. You’ll have to start the queue at the end of the line.

By the time it gets to your turn to be checked, you’ll have been exhausted. Unless you get some sort of energy refill, you’ll be preserved to an extent while in the concert, when you’re supposed to be dancing and jumping.

Being early at the concert means you get access to the stadium on time, without standing long in the queue. Try to make this a priority.

Bring Along A Pair Of Ear Plugs

We agree that some of Taylor Swift’s songs are soft, and concerts are best enjoyed without earplugs. Like, what’s the aim of attending the concert if you can’t hear the songs in the rawest form possible?

However, a time will come when the sounds will be unbearable for your eardrums. At that time, the whole idea of entertainment in Taylor Swift’s concert will be lost, and your health will become your top priority. This is where a pair of earplugs comes in handy.

You mustn’t begin the concert with your earplugs plugged in. But, carry them along when the music gets too loud. And just in case you plan on attending the concert with a child, ensure the child gets plugged in too. This might be optional for you, but it isn’t for the child.

Bring Along Some Friendship Bracelets

What do you hope to achieve by attending a Taylor Swift concert without a set of friendship bracelets? You’ll not be misrepresenting the culture alone, you’ll be untagged as a certified Swiftie. Play safe and take along a pair of friendship bracelets to Taylor Swift concerts.

It happens on rare occasions that Taylor Swift picks a fan to share friendship bracelets with. Taylor Swift first gives the fan a friendship bracelet, and then the fan returns the favor. What if luck falls on you and you have no friendship bracelet to give to Taylor? That will be a wasted opportunity.

If you happen to not have any friendship bracelets and can’t make one, do not worry as there will be merch stands on the concert ground. You can easily get one while in the concert. They’ll be perfect to mark the beginning of a friendship with newly found friends at the concert.

Prepare and Carry “Needed” Items In A “Clear” Bag

The need to carry only “needed” items in a “clear” bag cannot be exaggerated. We’ve seen firsthand how the security in these concerts treats bags that are not clear. It is either you’re forced to change your unclear bag to a clear bag, which you’ll have to buy at an unreasonable price at the stadium or you’ll be denied entrance into the stadium.

You’re better off carrying your clear bag from home, save yourself the stress. And yes, the bag policy is to an extent unreasonable. How do they expect us to fit everything we need in an A4-sized paper? But, if you look at it in a real sense, you’ll be fine as long as you stick to only the things you need in the concert.

Make Sure Your Devices Are Fully Charged

Before leaving home for Taylor Swift’s Wembley Stadium concert, ensure your smartphone, digital camera and smartwatch are all fully charged. Rarely, concert attendees are allowed to carry along a power bank into the concert. But, this doesn’t always happen as some venues are very strict. Power banks can be thrown as objects in the concert, above all, they can be harmful hence the strictness against them.

Since the concert generally lasts just 3 hours, charging your phone and other devices you intend to use can save you the stress of carrying a power bank, and also allow you to save space for something else in your very small bag. Additionally, with good planning, you can use your small digital camera for capturing, while you use your phone for updating your social media accounts. This will ensure you save battery.


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