Timeless Music For The First Date At Any Age

timeless music for the first date

Music is perhaps the most romantic of all arts and can provide the perfect backdrop for a love story.

Almost every couple has their special song, and this is often a song they listened together on their first date. Because of the strong impact of music on emotions, choosing the soundtrack for your date is a huge part of the preparation that could tip the scales in your favor if you get it right.

How music connects people online at any age?

Passion for a particular style of music is a great topic for online conversations that could draw you into some heated debates and connect you with people who share your tastes. Knowing a lot about music and being able to quote lyrics from songs will serve you well on dating sites, where it’s very important to catch someone’s attention with just a few messages.

Even better, you can share the links to your favorite songs and ask the other person to comment on them. From this innocent exchange, you will be able to learn a lot about a potential dating partner and find out whether you are truly compatible or not.

For example, with people you meet on a mature dating website, it’s very important that you like music from the same era.

Find your music lover – from chats to dates

Once you recognize a person that enjoys the same music as you, it shouldn’t be hard to develop an online friendship based on a shared interest. As you gain trust and become more comfortable with each other, it’s possible to steer the relationship towards romantic waters.

The crucial moment is switching from online chats about musicians and songs to an invitation for a date. If you manage to do it at just the right moment, the chances that the invitation will be accepted are very high.

However, you shouldn’t automatically assume that someone is romantically interested in you simply because you like the same music, and you should be mindful of the other signs of attraction.

5 songs to play before or during your first date

ABBA – Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

This disco hit from the ’70s was quite edgy at the time, but today it sounds like a great song for the first date. Catchy female vocals simply pump the energy up and never let go, so the song is great for dancing. If you pull out this oldie but goldie during a date, you will definitely look like a true connoisseur of music and a very romantic soul.

Guns & Roses – Sweet Child of Mine

Another energetic song that sounds great when listened to on a big night with a special person. Despite the hard guitars, this is actually a very cute ballad with lyrics that will definitely touch every heart. If you are dating someone over the age of 40, there is a very good chance they grew up blasting this song from their room, and they will be pleasantly surprised to hear it again.

Beyonce – Crazy in Love

During the early 2000s, Beyonce was one of the most popular vocalists in the world, and many of her songs are very romantic. Playing this one to someone you are attracted to will clearly signal your feelings and make a strong statement, but it will also demonstrate your knowledge of the recent pop culture.

Depeche Mode – It’s No Good

To impress a dating partner of a certain age with intellectual or artistic tendencies, you can do no better than playing Depeche Mode. This moody and melancholic song is about unconditional love, and its tune is nothing short of legendary. Of course, it’s essential to play this only to a person that’s familiar with New Wave and related genres, or it might just be strange.

Madonna – Frozen

The greatest pop icon of them all has several songs that have aged well, but this one is special in many respects. It’s from a mature stage of Madonna’s career when her vocal talents were completely perfected, so the performance is simply enchanting. At the same time, words convey a powerful message of unity and love.

Music is one of those themes that connect people. Many singles have found their soul mate precisely because of their musical preferences!


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