Marketing In Music: 6 Promotion Tips For Aspiring Musicians

tips for aspiring musicians

“Don’t scratch it!” pleaded a classmate as he handed us a plastic box containing a shiny CD. After all, even the tiniest scratch on the mirror surface may ruin the valuable item and make it unreadable.

A real shock for the tempted music-lover, who has been “hunting” for the new album of his favorite band for several months. Today the musician does not have to worry that his fan will never hear a fresh single because of a scratch on the CD. The music industry allows you to share your creations on social networks, streaming services, and other platforms.

However, the premiere of a new track in a personal account is only a small tip of an immense iceberg. Let’s have a look at the tips on how to get started on the Internet and not give up halfway as a beginner musician according to the authors and marketers from the “do my paper for me” company.

Have Patience

Before you start your way to the top of the musical Olympus and decide to publish your first demo, remember the old, but not always kind criticism. Most likely, your close friends will appreciate the work you’ve done and praise you for your persistence. But a random listener might not like the track at all.

But don’t hurry to be offended and delete the trashy comments under the post. Especially if they were clearly reasoned. Feedback like this reflects interest, draws the attention of other users to your work, and points out gross errors that need urgent correction.

Don’t Be Afraid To Talk About It Out Loud

Let’s imagine that you write music in the dark electro style. There are probably thematic communities in social networks, where true lovers of dark electro regularly exchange their musical experience. Write to the administrator, show him the finished material and discuss the terms of publication. Your tracks are unlikely to go unnoticed.

Moreover, “word of mouth” works great in large sub-public forums: a couple or three reposts and you’ve already been offered to play at a Saturday night party. And then you’re on your way to solo concerts.

Learn To Delegate Responsibilities

The frantic rhythm of modern life leaves no chance for complete immersion in the abyss of perfectionism. And we are so fond of perfecting our creative product and naively believe that no one can do the task better than we can. But in the case of promotion in the music industry, this kind of maximalism can only be detrimental.

After all, creating a quality composition is a long process that requires an excellent knowledge of mastering, mixing, arranging, etc. Not to mention the next stage, where you have to change your working vector and study marketing schemes. Are you ready to take on that responsibility? Or is it better to form a small team, where one person will write the music, another one will mix it, and the third one will promote the brand on social networks? It depends on what kind of result you want and how much time you are willing to spend waiting for it.

Maintain The Image

In one month Kurt Cobain gave more than eighty interviews. A busy media life allowed the legendary musician to create a holistic image of a creative personality in the eyes of fans. Think about what makes you different from other artists and how to emphasize your uniqueness through your personal brand. This includes the way you look, the way you perform, the genre in which you write your music, and even your principles of life.

By the way, visual identity is important not only in the stage image but also on social media. If you’re not good at graphic design, find someone who can reflect your philosophy through a logo or cover of your future album. After all, an original image raises recognition and credibility with well-known labels.

Explore Streaming Services

CDs are either a thing of the past or a collector’s item. Today users pay for a subscription to a streaming service to listen to a new single or a long-awaited album. Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music are the most popular and promoted platforms on which you can place your work. If users like your music and it reaches a large number of listens, the service will add it to thematic playlists. You can buy a place in the selections for your target audience if you’re ready to part with a large sum of money.

Also, look at online platforms where the artist sets the price for their own works. For example, Bandcamp or Patreon. As a rule, one sponsor brings in much more money than hundreds of subscribers on other platforms. This means that even a small audience on Patreon can become a source of good and stable income. Clear dialogue is built between the listener and the musician: the first knows what the fan wants, and the second receives interesting and high-quality content.

But it is important to remember that only users who already know you come to such platforms. So you need to gain fans first on social networks, and then take your “relationship” to the next level.

Produce Content Regularly

It’s time to consider making an album if you’ve created a few songs and built a fanbase. When you’re working on your debut record, there’s a lot to think about, from the artwork to copyright protection. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon social media and ignore your followers. As a result, you should post content on your accounts at least twice a week.

Backstage photographs from shoots, promo photos, rehearsal videos, intriguing details about the band members’ lives, and musical selections are all possibilities. You risk losing your audience if you leave the field of view for an extended length of time. Then the album’s release, into which all of the resources have been invested, will no longer make sense.

And remember that creativity is a real gift that not everyone gets in the lottery of life. If you put your hands down, not to take a decisive swing like a conductor or an artist, but to give up the dream, you are brutally killing your potential. Maybe it was your creation that could revolutionize the music industry and give you a ticket to the life you have long dreamed of? And only you can check this guess.


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