Top 3 Songs to Get Your Spirit Up

songs to lift your mood

There is no denying the healing power of motivational music. Like one great musician said, when it hits you, you do not feel any pain.

Tuning into a motivational song can be your daily therapy session when going through trying times in life.

We take a look at some uplifting songs when going through a tough time in your life. Do not let hard times define who you are. Go through this list to find your preferred song to lift your moods today.

Stronger – Kelly Clarkson

Do you need a little fight song to spark the inner spirit in you? Well, the strong hit song by Kelly Clarkson might be what you are missing in your life today. It fits perfectly in different scenarios in all our lives.

The song basically describes what we go through on most days. After every storm, there is sunshine. Furthermore, the cords are perfect. This song fits when going through stress or depression. Let the angelic voice of Kelly Clarkson take you away.

Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Don’t Stop Believing is yet another highly recommended inspirational song. The song tells you to hold on and not give up soon. It tells you to reflect back on how it felt the time that you began something new.

The song also tells that the journey won’t be a smooth ride, but you’d always remember what motivated you at the beginning of the journey. It also tells you to remember how you felt about the relationship when it started and try to rekindle the fire.

You can’t listen to this song and still feel discouraged, irrespective of what your challenge is. It will certainly inspire hope to want to try again in you.

No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

The problem you view today might feel like a mountain. However, tomorrow things will be different. This is the message Marvin Gaye wants you to hear. No problem is too big for you to handle. Only believe in yourself and keep the hope.

This song is an instant classic due to its perfect blend of harmonies and deep messages. Turn it up in your car before heading to work and feel uplifted.

Marvin Gaye was popular for releasing memorable love songs you can dance along to while at the Royal Vegas Casino. However, this time around, he brought a different side to his music writing skills. We cannot take away the importance of this song when going through a lot in our lives.


Life is full of many hills and mountains. We live in a generation where stress and depression are at an all-time high. We highly recommend visiting a psychologist or going to therapy when feeling overwhelmed with life.

However, if you are feeling a bit low in life, turning on these inspirational songs might be what you need to gain your mojo back. The power in music is indescribable. These songs will surely lift your moods and put you in a better place. Do not let dark times ruin your life.


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