Top 5 Soundtracks on Famous Online Games

soundtracks of some famous online games

Many things make a great online game.

These include: the theme, graphics, features, and gameplay among others. One of the features that stand out, however, is the soundtrack that a game use. The sound of a game can make it or break it. This is because if a game has an enjoyable tune, it makes it more fun to play and a gamer can spend more time on it just nodding their head to the tunes while playing. If the soundtrack is a bit off a player may want to mute the sounds or abandon the game altogether. Over the years, game developers have mastered this well offering great sounds on their productions. Check out the top 5 soundtracks that have been featured on popular online games.

1. Celeste (The Original Soundtrack)

This is a genius masterpiece that is featured on an online game with the same name. It is a sophisticated tune that surprisingly carries a lot of emotional weight. The tune has been created in such a way that each layer comes on at the perfect time the ideal accompaniment to your gaming sessions. If you listen to this sound keenly, you will agree that it features multiple nuances even during the calmer parts.

2. Ico -Melody in the Mist-

This is Ico’s official soundtrack. It was composed by Pentagon and Oshima but incorporated into the game by Massaki Kaneko who was responsible for the game’s sound effects and design. The organic soundtrack brings life to the game mixing both relaxing and terrifying motifs. The tune mastered the fact that any soundtrack must be reactive so that it can blend in well with the gameplay. From the start to the finish, the sound blends in well with the game to give players an excellent mix of sound and gameplay.

3. Hitman

Hitman is one of the soundtracks that have a brilliant mixture of some of the best elements from the franchise. It showcases a balance of symphonic tension, dark ambiance, electronic elements, humour, and charm all in one soundtrack. The production was something and many gamers will find themselves wanting to listen to this over and over. It is safe to say that the game is incomplete without this sound because it fits in too well within all aspects of this popular online game. you can find the awesome Hitman pokie game by Microgaming with 5 reel and 15 pay line pokie that become one of the most popular themed video pokie.

4. Chrono Trigger

Also known as “Chrono Trigger PSZ OST” or “Chrono Trigger 99”, this is yet another soundtrack you cannot ignore thanks to is superb craftsmanship. It features more than 21 tracks that make the soundtrack. Critics gave mixed reviews when it was first released. Most, however, referred to is as an excellent music selection especially because of the arrangement of the tracks. Yasunori Mitsuda was the main composer of this soundtrack but he got help on a few tracks. This can also be termed as an influential track because it has inspired the release of other similar soundtracks present in other video games.

5. Into the Breach

Into the Breach is another soundtrack that features on the top soundtracks on popular internet games. Ben Prunty the composer did an amazing job with this tune. One of the features that make the soundtrack stand out is the fact that it prioritizes mood instead of “boring” storytelling. The track does most of the heavy work in the game expressing the very serious moments in a magical way that stimulates the urgency of the mission. The music generally is a reflection of the struggle, determination, and grind that players go through as they are tackling the Brach missions.

Music remains an important component of both online and offline games. While it may not do anything to the gameplay, the soundtracks help to build emotion, develop settings, and offer a tool that narrates the story in the absence of words. This is why you will continue to listen to excellent tunes while playing the games you choose.


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