Top DJs You Don’t Want To Miss This Summer

top dj's

With the sunshine on the horizon and late nights ready to be enjoyed, there’s no better time to start planning a summer to remember than now.

With venues and clubs opening up again for the first summer since 2019, we can get set for a whole host of new music to crown the summer. The only problem is knowing who to listen to given all the choice that’s about to come flowing through the airwaves.

Sounds like the perfect problem to have! To help you on your way, we’ve created a quick rundown of the DJs you simply cannot afford to miss this summer. Enjoy!

Eden Burns

If you’re in Munich this summer, you need to head to the unique sessions hosted by this New Zealand creative. Eden Burns is known across Europe and Asia for his unique Big Beats Manifesto style that gets you on your feet from the first drop to the curtain call.

His ability to find new links and bridges between seemingly unrelated sounds is like a breath of fresh air for anyone who has been desperate to get back in the club after two summers of muted partying. Do you like the idea of a DJ who knows how to throw a curveball that will get your pulse racing? Listen to him on NTS radio and book your tickets to go and see him live. You won’t regret it.

Hadiya George

For those of you who are heading to Atlanta and the Deep South in the US this summer, this is the one act you cannot afford to miss. George’s unique sound is inspired by her cross between electronic music and soul-R&B that simply has to be heard live to be believed.

Moving lyrics and smooth beats will get you in the mood to dance the night away, all while getting you inside the mind of a unique creative who’s never afraid to put herself out there. She may not be the biggest name on this rundown, but you can expect that to change by the time we wave goodbye to 2022. Head to Atlanta and you’ll be able to say you saw her live before she breaks free, gets super famous, and tours the world.


For those looking to try the big game, why not go stateside and venture onto The Strip? Las Vegas isn’t just casino games and drinking. Having hosted hundreds of musical residencies and thousands of residency shows, the city will become home to the Australian sister-duo Nervo in the summer of 2022.

They’re currently booked to appear at a number of local hotspots, with their final itinerary set to be announced shortly. If you love to hear genre-splitting sets that make you reconsider what’s really possible, you know who you have to see…

Mainline Magic Orchestra

With a name like that, how can you not be tempted to divert your summer sessions and take a closer look at what we have to offer? This eccentric foursome based in Barcelona is known as much for their stage costumes as they are for tracks like Tettsui.

Geometric costumes, face paint, and trembling baselines all combine to create a live show you won’t forget. And because they’re based in one of Europe’s party capitals, you won’t be short on places to go and explore the next day. Ideal when you want to make 2022 a summer you’ll remember for years to come!


Next up we have a recent breakout name in the form of OTIK – a London-based musical marvel who’s already making waves. His sets at Corsica Studio, Waterworks, and the legendary Boiler Room Festival left the lucky revelers who got to see him speechless, and for good reason.

His technical mastery of the decks is there for all to see, as is his ability to improvise live as he blends different genres in his own signature way. Jungle, R&B, and thumping bass are his go-to styles when it’s time to mix. Keep an ear out for his live edits and you’ll know exactly what all the noise is about when it comes to OTIK.


You might not know how to pronounce his name but hear him live just one time and you’ll be able to tell everyone who they cannot miss on the next club circuit. OSSX’s tracks are all about rescuing the dancefloor by setting every single reveler free with feel-good tracks and effortless cuts that put smiles on faces late into the night. All members of the crew add something different, creating a vibrant, eclectic, and constantly evolving sound you’ll love to follow.

Now that you know what we have to say, it’s over to you to make 2022 a summer to remember!


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