Top EDM Festivals Of 2019: Tomorrowland Belgium, Ultra Music Festival & More

top edm festivals 2019

1001Tracklists has announced its annual ‘A State of Dance 2019’ report.

Running some of the most significant insights through their aggregated data, they announced the Top Tracks, Top Labels and Top Festivals of 2019 based on this information.

The 35-page report digs deeper and also reveals top tracks by genres, the top sets and also the most viewed underground setlists. With over 36,000 new tracklists added in 2019, the site logged over 81,500 new tracks into its database.

When it comes to music festivals worldwide, while the major players have remained there have been a surprising amount of new events cropping up in emerging markets.

Based on the festivals whose tracklists received the most views in 2019, this list had some usual suspects and some surprising entrants. Leading the list from the top with no surprise in the mammoth Tomorrowland. The Belgium based festival which celebrated 15 years in style last year, saw its tracklists viewed 798.3k times almost a time and a half compared to the festival that followed in second place.

The top three were no surprise with Ultra Music Festival Miami and EDC Las Vegas following Tomorrowland. The fourth position went to the unique event held in the Alps for the very first time last year, Tomorrowland Winter, EDC Mexico, and Creamfields UK followed at the fifth and sixth place while the mammoth Hardstyle festival Defqon 1 came in at seventh. New York’s own Electric Zoo, Ultra Europe which is held in scenic Croatia and Ohio-based Lost Lands rounded up the list.

  1. Tomorrowland Belgium – 798.3k views
  2. Ultra Music Festival Miami – 500.2k views
  3. EDC Las Vegas – 304.3k views
  4. Tomorrowland Winter – 117.1k views
  5. EDC Mexico – 84.5k views
  6. Creamfields UK – 72.7k views
  7. Defqon 1 – 72.7k views
  8. Electric Zoo – 71.2k views
  9. Ultra Europe – 69k views
  10. Lost Lands Festival – 68.9k views

Read the full report here.

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