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Trance, a genre that evokes emotions and makes you connect with the music. So much is spoken about how impactful the genre has been in the lives of people who listen to it. Day after day, artists keep releasing new tracks and EPs. The real question is, how much of it do we actually listen to? I mean, there is so much music churned out on a daily basis. So who do we follow and how do we discover new music? In my opinion, the two best ways to discover new music by yourself is by listening to sets and podcasts/radio shows. Sets too after a point may tend to get repetitive. But when it comes to podcasts, you know for sure that all the music is new! And the best part, you don’t really need to go searching for new music! It’s compiled, mixed and neatly delivered to you, fresh and clean, every week.

Speaking of trance radio shows, everyone of course is well aware of A State of Trance hosted by Armin Van Buuren, Future Sound of Egypt hosted by Aly & Fila, GBDJ Broadcast hosted by Markus Schulz, Corsten’s Countdown hosted by Ferry Corsten and Group Therapy hosted by Above & Beyond amongst the other popular ones. So today, we list down 10 trance radio shows that you should check out. We hope it helps you find new music! So sit back, relax and tune in!

Pure Trance Radio – Solarstone

A show compiled by the mastermind himself, Solarstone curates the best of progressive and melodic trance for you. In his own words, “Pure Trance Radio is an extension of the Pure Trance Movement, Pure Trance Events & Label. Now firmly established worldwide, this movement is a roots return for the genre & a rally against inorganic and trend-driven Trance – a rediscovery or what first drew so many to the genre’s flame.”

The podcast gives the listener exposure to not just trance but also some relaxing progressive music. It also acts as a platform for upcoming artists to have their tracks featured and give them more exposure. Well, if you like it pure, this is the perfect show for you!

Go On Air – Giuseppe Ottaviani

Hosted by Giuseppe Ottaviani, this show features not only mixes but also his live sets from various major festivals. Spanning over the run time of an hour, the show features the best in trance. When asked about how he runs the show, he rather funnily said “There are a lot of mistakes that happen live, so I simply choose the one with the fewest mistakes for the show”. Well, mistakes or no mistakes, Giuseppe knows how to get his music right!

Silk Music Showcase – Silk music

The famed label known for putting out the purest and the best of trance and progressive also blesses us on a weekly basis with a show. And what is the best part of a show hosted by a label you ask? Guest mixes from the artists off their roster! Every week, you are in for a treat. And considering how different ever artists style and choices are with regards to music, this show will make sure that your collection of music is truly diverse. Big ups to Jacob Henry for this one! The man knows how to do a radio show right and nail it every time

Magic Island – Roger Shah

This one comes straight to you from the Balearic sands. If you want to relax, rejuvenate and meditate, this podcast is tailored for you. Calming, relaxing and down tempo would be ideal to describe this classic podcast!

VII Radio – VII Crew

The VII crew collectively houses seven of the best producers in the tech and psy trance sector. The listener is treated to mixes from Simon Patterson, John Askew, Will Atkinson, Astrix, Sean Tyas, Freedom Fighters and Alex Di Stefano. The crew is so good at what they do, they got their own featured stage at Tomorrowland, just to give you a perspective. Enough said, tune in and thank us later! 😀

Step Into My World – Amir Hussain

The funny man of trance knows not only how to get his social media game on point, but also nails his podcasts. Split into two distinct sections, the first half delves into progressive and techno. The second half is a mix of the best of trance released in the week. In our opinion, it’s a win win both ways! You get not only techno and progressive, but also your good old (new) trance. Tune in and Step into Amir’s world right now! It’s a good world, trust us.

Global Trance Grooves – John 00 Fleming

When BBC called him “A national treasure of trance music”, they knew their music well. It was close to impossible to miss out this name in this list. Known for single-handedly striving to give progressive trance it’s well deserved recognition and platform in the community, J00F compiles THE BEST of progressive trance. Perfect to listen to when you drive or relax, this is one you definitely should add to your list!

UV Radio – Paul Thomas

Hosted by the one and only, Paul Thomas, this man is a star. An shining star in all the possible platforms. May it be as an artist, a label owner and even as a person. UV Radio not only covers the best of his sub-label “Ultra Violet” but also gives you a good mix of some flashy new trance. Light and refreshing, this is perfect a ‘download and travel with’ podcast. Tune in at any time and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Degenerate Radio – Sean Tyas

Broadcasting every Tuesday, this podcast sees the best in the harder and higher BPM trance segment. It also features some unique guest mixes and of course some freshly squeezed releases straight out of Degenerate records!

Club Mania/ Samay Chakra – Kalinga Son/ Saumya Mohanty

Last but not the least, a show hosted by the psy prodigy from India, Saumya Mohanty is one who has managed to pull off some super impressive mixes. Do check out his famed “Non-breath” mixes which feature over 60 tracks in less than an hour. That in itself is a feat. Also, he has managed to bag in guest mixes from some of the biggest names in the psychedelic trance sphere. Do check out his show!

We’d love to know if this list helped you discover something new! Also, since we were restricted to 10, we are sure that we have missed out some really good podcasts too. Which ones do you want us to include in a possible part 2 of this post? Let us know in the comment section!

Shivani Murthy

Shivani Murthy

Trance Enthusiast. Making people give trance a chance.
Shivani Murthy


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