Unexpected Stars Who Love Techno

celebrities who love techno

It would be easy to think that celebrities only listen to pop music by their pop-music-making pals.

stars who love techno
Some of these stars have playlists that will make you want to dance wherever you are.

With Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Bieber all hanging out in everybody’s circles, their music is pretty hard to avoid. However, there are a select few stars who love dancing to something other than what is in the Billboard charts. If we had to pick some stars to party with, then without a doubt it would be these celebs, who prove that even A-Listers love a bit of techno.

Poker Genius Lex Veldhuis

Professionals from the world of competitive poker have a surprisingly broad spectrum of favorite genres to listen to whilst deep in the game, but one of the best playlists recently has to be from Lex Veldhuis. He shares his music a lot with his Twitch followers and recently shared a deep house/techno playlist which is just tune after tune. When he’s not creating mind-blowing playlists, Lex is usually found at a high-stakes poker table. He’s well known as a poker personality, boasting views of more than 50,000 in his last big tournament on Twitch. Perhaps his deep house playlist is the key to his success, drifting deep into ‘the zone’ would be easy with some of those tracks.

Fashion Guru Virgil Abloh

If you’ve not heard of Virgil Abloh, that might be because his name hides behind a slightly bigger one, Louis Vuitton. Abloh is the artistic director behind this mega fashion house, so suffice it to say, what he doesn’t know about fashion, isn’t worth knowing. It turns out that as well as impeccable taste in clothes, he also has staggeringly good taste in music. Not only content to create some serious playlists, but Abloh also does the occasional DJ set himself. Hip-hop features pretty prominently but is always mixed to a techno background. If you want to listen right now then check out his Spotify, otherwise, you might be lucky enough to catch him at Coachella where he sometimes performs.

Boyband Extraordinaire Liam Payne

Ok, we may have thrown some shade in the direction of bandmate Harry earlier, but we’re firm believers that tigers can in fact change their stripes. Since One Direction’s split back in 2015, Liam has gone on to create some pretty good stuff! He started off remixing ‘You and I’ a song that he knew pretty well, as he was the one who wrote it originally. After this success, he’s gone on to team up with several other big DJs to release great EDM tunes. His collaboration with Wiz Khalifa is well worth looking out for. Check out his Spotify for a collection of his desert island tracks, an idea we’re always fond of.

Dream Boy Ashton Kutcher

Ashton is by no means a fan of techno only: his Spotify playlists
are always weird genre mashups. However, he has a great deal of techno on there. The viral video of Kutcher and Jeff Bridges dancing to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ is one of the most joyful displays of techno appreciation out there. It’s also worth remembering that so great is the techno community’s love for Kutcher that there’s even a DJ duo called Mashd n Kutcher. This Australian duo creates incredible EDM mixes with the occasional Ashton Kutcher themed lyric thrown in for good measure.

Rising Star Ansel Elgort

Pulling in crowds like this at such a young age is a real achievement.

At only 21 years old, Ansel Elgort is certainly the youngster of this group, but he’s onto great things! During his time between movies, this young actor tears it up on the turntables. He’s recently been signed by Island Records and has already played at some of the major events. At 21 years old, to be playing to crowds at Pacha and Electric Zoo as part of your side hustle is certainly not to be sniffed at. It seems like the worlds of film and electronic dance music are wide open and waiting to be discovered for Ansel Elgort, so it will be interesting to see which direction his talent takes him in.


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