The Top 8 Unusual Hobbies Of Famous Musicians

unusual hobbies of famous musicians

Most people think of famous musicians living the fascinating lives of international party people. They are supposed to flit from one exciting event to the next and stop only to go on stage or record their next song.

However, the truth can be quite far from reality as famous musicians like to have downtime too. Some of them like to hang up their instruments and do something completely different in their own time.

Here are the top eight unusual hobbies of famous musicians.

unusual hobbies of famous musicians


Famous musicians must be fit enough to throw themselves around a stage and, believe it or not, they work hard at this. Take Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, for example, who at one time ranked among the top fencers in the UK. He finds time to pick up the sword between touring and recording hits and this helps to keep him fit enough to live life to the full. Other celebrities have taken up martial arts, table tennis and weightlifting to keep up with the rigors of their day jobs.

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Another popular way to pass the time while traveling is playing a game of chess. There are many famous musicians such as Flea from the Red-Hot Chili Peppers who have embraced this game of skill, and David Bowie was also said to be quite a pro.


Some famous musicians are afraid of flying and don’t like getting on a plane. Others have turned flying into a passion of their own and are happy to fly themselves and their bandmates around the globe. Famous musicians who have their own pilots’ licenses include country singers Dierks Bentley and Tim McGraw. It saves them time waiting for the pilot to show up and it means they have more control over their own destiny.


We are a nation of pet lovers and that includes the famous musicians among us too. Some love dogs or cats, while others prefer the more exotic pets. Take Terminator X from Public Enemy, a keen Ostrich fan, or Steve Vai who enjoys beekeeping when he is not on tour. These pets may not be able to travel with them easily, but they have staff to look after their beloved animals when they are not around.


Famous musicians tend to be a creative bunch and it is no surprise that many of them like to spend time crafting. This helps them to relax and get involved in something that helps their energy flow outside of the world of fame and fortune. These hobbies include sewing, knitting, and crochet. Lily Allen is said to be a huge fan of embroidery. This is a fantastic hobby for the famous musician on the go as crafts are easy to pick up when their flights are called or they must go onstage, but it keeps them calm and relaxed during their downtime. The finished product looks great too.

unusual hobbies of famous musicians


Photography is a hugely creative hobby that many famous musicians enjoy. They have a lot of things to photograph, whether it is the new countries or venues they visit, the backstage areas of the biggest music awards ceremonies, or their mates from other bands doing a live gig. Their photo albums must be worth a fortune and very revealing to look through.

Model Trains

Model trains do not sound like the sort of hobby that many famous musicians would be into, but it is surprising how many of them are. A lot of work goes into model trains such as painting, setting the trains up on the track, and watching them run. The likes of Rod Stewart and Johnny Cash find them very therapeutic. Perhaps this is not an easy hobby to enjoy on the road, but they make up for it when they are not working.

It is surprising to see just how many different hobbies famous musicians are into. This goes to show that they are just like us when they take off the make-up and stage clothes and go home to their everyday lives. They work hard, so having some downtime and some unusual hobbies gives many of them the chance to relax and unwind that we all need.


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