Up And Coming EDM Artists 2019: i_o, Schade, Will K, EAUXMAR & More

up and coming edm artists 2019

The electronic dance music scene is ever-growing and an ever-expanding culture.

From its humble origins from the early ’80s, dance music has evolved from bits and bops to complex harmonic pieces of art.

Every year, a handful (or more) artists, bring new ideas and new styles to the table, become the torchbearers of electronic dance music and hence shape the scene for years to come. Here are some of the artists that are widely rising across the EDM spectrum. (Here, the term EDM is considered as an umbrella term for all of electronically made music)


DJ/producer Schade is a Los Angeles based house music producer who is garnering a good amount of attention from the recent releases under his name. It’s been a year since the producer joined Sound cloud, he quickly captured the attention from the likes of 4B, Anna Lunoe, etc. His rendition of house/ Bass house is infused with hip-hop elements which ensure a proper music festival reaction.


Oomloud is a Dutch DJ/Producer duo. They were successful individually and together formed the group in order to best show their love for House music. The group initially started releasing on Hysteria Records and went on to release on labels such as Musical Freedom and Heldeep Records.


The Shanghai-based DJ/Producer Carta is very well known for his groove garage infused modern house music which is heavily influenced by the cultures of both UK and China. In the growing EDM fan base of China, Carta was the first DJ to be enlisted in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll.


Ronko is a Tokyo based DJ/Producer. Who is currently releasing for Spinnin records under Musical freedom label. His music is a proper fusion of groove, bigroom house elements with his Japanese cultural roots. Pointing at him being a foreigner, Ronko’s latest track is named “Gaijin” (means foreigner)


This Australian DJ/Producer, can be seen across various big labels such as Armada, Spinnin Records, etc. with releases featuring genres all across the electronic dance music spectrum focusing mostly on house music. His new release on Musical Freedom, aptly named “Peanut Butter” garnered support from the likes of Tiesto.

Dillon Nathaniel

Dillon Nathaniel is a USA based DJ/Producer who specializes in warehouse/ house music. He has appeared on labels such as HELDEEP Records, Bite this!, night bass etc. He is an audio engineer, this allowed him to create his own signature sound design over time. Over the course of time Nathaniel was supported by the likes of Chris lake, AC- Slater, Destructo etc.

Whipped Cream

Vancouver Island-based, WHIPPED CREAM aka Caroline Cecil is known for her dark bass music productions. Releases ranging from downtempo, industrial to straight-up dubstep, the DJ/Producer has left no stone unturned in the bass music spectrum. She was also recently featured in an iPhone 11 advertisement campaign.


Matthew Lucas, better known by his alias Peekaboo is an American Dubstep producer. Although he started out as a multi-genre artist, the artist stuck with Dubstep in the later phase. The act was constantly supported by the likes of REZZ, RL Grime, Bassnectar, etc.


DJ/Producer Eauxmar is the youngest DJ to get signed to the stellar STMPD Records label. He was signed to the label at the age of 18. He also continued to release in labels like Kitsuné Musique. Production is heavily inspired by Mura Masa and Kaytranada.


i_o is one of the aliases of USA-based electronic music producer – Garrett Lockhart. The DJ’s signature sound is usually dark groovy yet highly synth-driven techno. I_o currently releases under deadmau5’ mau5trap alongside big names such as Getter, REZZ, and deadmau5 himself. This new rendition of the founding genre of electronic dance music is sure to bring Techno back home!

This ends our list. However, feel free to let us know what is your list of ten rising artists in the comment section down below.


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