As an upcoming musician, what social media platform should you be focusing on?


If you’re an aspiring musician, what platform is the best to get you the fandom you desire? Well stats say forget Facebook, focus on your Instagram presence.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify. These are the must-haves for most of the artists out there. You need to communicate with your fans, and you need to get your music out there. But focusing on a specific social channel is a matter of the genre you play/perform. Viberate looked into the top 200 artists in each of the main genres, analyzed their follower growth on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify, and then compared it against the total number of followers they have on respective channels.


As expected, artists have the biggest following on Facebook. However, the metrics that really matter aren’t totals. They’re apparently the recent growth stats. Pop artists from Viberate’s sample of top 1000 musicians got over 410 million new Instagram followers in 90 days, which is outrageous compared to a mere 121 million new ones on Facebook.

With social media being far from a free communication channel, it’s very important to identify which platforms can really get you your money’s worth and are worth the hassle. According to these stats, it’s safe to say Facebook isn’t among them anymore.

What do you feel?

Source: Viberate

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Khushrav Bhada
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