5 Vital Reasons Everybody Needs A VPN And How Cisco 300-730 Exam Helps To Utilize It

vpn cisco 300-730 exams

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Virtual Private Network, commonly called VPN with IP address like

According to many, this term is synonymous with anonymity in the online space.

Unfortunately, quite a number of individuals still assume that VPN is only meant for tech-savvy individuals and large organizations.

While this is true to some extent, we are happy to inform you that just like large organizations, you can benefit from VPN, no matter your experience level. This guide discusses the top 5 reasons VPNs have become quite popular over the recent years.

Also, we have a special section for the Cisco 300-730 exam, created explicitly for anyone keen to implement secure solutions with VPNs. Let’s get into the actual details, then.

Top 5 Benefits of VPNs

The value of using VPNs is hard to overestimate. This is an excellent tool that can be of great benefit for both enterprises and individuals. Here are the five key advantages of installing VPNs:

1. Security on Public Networks

Using public networks is exciting, but it should never be at the expense of your security. Malicious hacking or tracking your online activities when using public Wi-Fi is easier than you could imagine. Fortunately, VPNs eliminate such worries by enabling you to hide your browser history, passwords, and other important information.

2. Access to Content from Any Location

While getting denied access to useful online content based on your location is pretty common, you always have a useful workaround in the form of a VPN. With VPNs, it’s easier to hide your location, allowing you to access the desired online content even with location restrictions.

3. Compatible with Multiple Devices

While many individuals are used to accessing VPNs via laptops, they are just as useful on other devices. Whether a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, VPNs always ensure real-time protection on any device. Even better, many service providers will be willing to provide different plans for different devices, ensuring your online safety.

4. Guaranteed Security for Remote Working

VPNs come with practical data encryption. With that in mind, a VPN becomes extremely useful if you want to connect to your company’s network remotely. As working from home becomes more popular, VPNs are becoming indispensable for accessing confidential data remotely without worrying about potential data leakage.

5. Evade ISP Tracking

ISP tracking has become a major concern in recent years, with some companies going as far as selling a user’s browsing data. Thankfully, you can always evade such worries by installing a VPN solution on your devices. Compatible with various appliances, VPN shields you from such breaches of privacy.

Passing the Cisco 300-730 Exam to Get Ahead

The Cisco 300-730 exam, commonly called Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks, targets individuals who are seeking to acquire essential skills needed for the implementation of secure remote communications with the use of VPN solutions. The test is associated with two Cisco certificates, namely CCNP Security and Cisco Certified Specialist-Network Security VPN Implementation certifications.

This is a 90-minute assessment available in the English and Japanese languages. To register for it, you will need to pay a fee of $300. If you pass this exam, you will demonstrate your ability to work with VPN solutions, subsequently qualifying for security job roles such as Network Architect, Network Engineering, and Network Administration.

Final Thoughts

VPN is an excellent option for an individual or company that prioritizes anonymity and safety over comfort. By providing an encrypted server, VPN software helps maximize your opportunities in the online space by enabling you to access valuable resources you wouldn’t otherwise find using the public network connections. Keen to get started on the right foot? Pass the Cisco 300-730 exam to learn how to implement secure solutions using the VPN software!


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