Best Ways To Make Money Online (Updated Guide)

ways to make money online

Everyone and their dog are making bank online these days, or so it seems. Why aren’t you?!

How can I make money now? How can I make money online? Everyone seems to be asking the same things.

And there are lots of people that make their money by selling you all quick fix dreams!

In reality, it’s not that easy.

We’re not here to sell you any get-rich-quick scheme, that’s for sure. Yes – there are tons of ways to earn money from home online, and quickly.

However, it won’t always be a lot. Unless you’re willing to put in some considerable work (or investment). If that is the case, though, here are a few of our favourite ways to make money online.

Buying and Selling

The old classic of money-making ideas. Buying and selling. Wheeler dealing. Hustling. Whatever you want to call it – the internet has made being a self-employed buyer and seller easier than ever.

But you don’t have to jump in with a van and flat cap straight away. You might be surprised how you can turn what you’ve already got into an easy way to make money from home!

Selling Unwanted Possessions

This might not apply if you’re really poor – but in a pinch, most people have things lying around that are unused or unneeded that might be worth something to someone else.

Auction sites like eBay, Deppop, Vinted and other local selling sites are great ways of making money from home. And it’s possibly the easiest way to make money online, too.

Just make sure to sell things at a good time. Ideally, when you can use it to invest in something!


Another famous way of becoming wealthy, is from your laptop or phone.

But how does it work out for the average investor, most of the time? Not great. It’s actually quite similar to gambling, and a lot less fun.

Plus, you need capital to start up. Not at a casino, you don’t! Just check out one of our MindepCasinos review of $3 deposit casino and see how you could (potentially) make a big chunk of change from just $3?!

Certainly, beats staring at graphs for 12 hours a day, eh?

Buying Items and Fixing or Flipping

Today’s throwaway culture, especially among richer people, is an opportunity in a few areas.

Firstly, technology. You’d be very surprised how a quick search online for broken electronics can turn into a goldmine, with a few YouTube tutorials.

Sometimes people will sell a phone, laptop, or tablet for half the price, and you can learn to fix what’s wrong for free online – in 5 minutes. Yes, this can be a risk if you don’t know what you’re doing. But the patient auction hunter will find some bargains!

Another example is fashion and clothing. Especially on marketplaces like Facebook or local ad pages, it’s not uncommon to find rare or designer clothing being sold by people who don’t recognize the value!

Drop shipping

You’ve probably heard of this one before – and we don’t really recommend it in the current economic climate.

If you don’t know, drop shipping involves finding a cheap product available in big quantities abroad, and then creating a fancy website to sell it locally at a high markup.

People have literally become multi-millionaires in a few months doing this.

But – it’s not quite the incredibly easy way to make money from home that many will try and tell you it is!

Nowadays, there’s lots of competition, for a start. Plus, people are cutting back on consumer spending and have got wise to the whole thing in many cases. With global trade not as secure as it was a few years ago, relying on Chinese shipping to fulfil orders is also extra risky!

By all means, if you have a brainstorming idea and come across an amazing product? It could work. But there are better options on this list for us!

Earn at Home: Easy Freelance Work

Yes, you probably know you can do lots of jobs from home. But what about quick and easy ways to earn money online, with actual work?

Well, you’ve got a few options, even if you don’t have many skills. If you can read this, it means you have what someone needs online – right now!

Amazon Mechanical Turk, ClickWorker, JobBoy

These services offer you small pay jobs, that take seconds or minutes at a time. You might be transcribing a short speech. Watch an advert and provide your opinion. You might simply have to like a Facebook post!

Loads of ways of making money! Each task will pay in the range of $0.01 to $1, maybe. The idea is that you do lots of them in an hour, to earn a decent wage.
In practice? It never really quite works out like that. Some people can make good money doing this, but you need to build up a good reputation and client list on the site, really.

For the rest of us – it’s not a bad way to make money at home online in a pinch!

Fiverr, Upwork and Freelance Job Sites

The very best way to make money online though, in our opinion, is definitely learning a skill and getting clients through freelance job sites.

There are loads of skills you can learn to make money at home online, cheaply and efficiently, too. Or at least if you’ve got the time, motivation, and energy!

It’s not a get-rich-quick plan – but it’s sustainable and might find you making money from home for a long time. And if not, you’ve learned a new skill anyway!


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